3 Great Ways To Promote Your Beats

The key to successfully sell beats is very simple: promotion. There are numerous ways you can do that, however, most people still stick to the same thing day in and day out, such as social media.
I have seen it time and again where beatmakers are tweeting about how cheap their beats are, but the main thing they’re forgetting is that they need to promote. Without promotion, you’re just a beatmaker spamming everyone’s timeline.
Let’s fix that, shall we?

1. Get Your Face Out There
I am guilty of this, but I’m not alone. For years I have been posting online under the name “Fade” or “MisterFade” and not using my real face to show people who I really am (I started changing all of that recently). It’s perfectly fine to use a nickname to conduct business (I’ve been doing it for years), but if you want to take your promotion and selling to the next level, you will need two things:
  1. Use your real name along with your nickname.
  2. Use your real picture.
Every day I deal with artists that are sending me songs and beats, but only a few of them are showing me who they really are. I find that more and more of them are actually using their real names and real pictures, so that’s a good thing, but for beatmakers trying to promote, you need to step it up as well.
You would be surprised at how many people purchase something solely based on how the item looks. For example, how many times have you bought a pair of sneakers because they looked awesome, compared to another sneaker that was half the price? The same thing applies to when you’re trying to promote yourself, as your whole look is what could possibly lead to beat sales.
It’s true that your beats need to be great, but always remember that your name, nickname, and pictures can be very influential to the consumer.
2. Enter Some Beat Battles
This one is a great option because it’s exactly what you want to be doing if you’re looking to promote. The concept is simple: find a beat battle either in your city or online and participate. Some beatmakers and producers will look at beat battles as a way to just battle others and claim bragging rights, but it also has other benefits:
1. It will put you in the spotlight.
2. It will help you improve your beats.
If it’s a live beat battle, it’s not just about going on stage and battling. You should also be using the event as a way to get your name out there through networking and promoting. How do you do that? It’s simple: move through the crowd.
Either before or after the battle, get out there and pass out flyers with your information on it, or have someone do it for you during the battle. This will prompt those people to go home and check out your website or your myFlashStore page, which further promotes you and your music.
You could also possibly make a deal with the event organizer where you could have a raffle at the end of the night and give the winner your beat CD. Think.
If it’s an online battle, this one is even easier. Your name will be listed on the battle page of the site, and depending on what kind of site it is, you will probably have the option of adding your website’s URL to your name and profile.
3. Go Old School With Street Teams
This is by far your best option. The reasons why is because:
  1. It’s always best to talk to people in person.
  2. Not many other beatmakers are doing this because they would rather do it online.
I don’t care what anyone says – networking and promoting in person is always your best option. The best part is you have so many different ways you can do this. I have mentioned some ways before, but another option is to let people hear your beats. Instead of just talking to people and passing out flyers, for example, you could drive up to a place where there’s some sort of hangout happening, and take it from there.
Play your beats from your trunk while you and your friends pass out information to people so they will know where to find out more about you. Schools, nightclubs, car shows, etc. are all places you could check out. Be careful though, as some of these places might not like you being there, but if you use your head you should be fine.
If you don’t have a car, then you could probably get away with it by just having a laptop and speakers, but for that you would need to set up a table, which means you would need to organize it all by talking to the event organizer (unless it’s at a school – they’ll probably call the cops!).

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