3 Reasons Music Producers Should Create Drum Kits

Music producers it’s Curtiss King of airbit.com, here today to explain to you 3 reasons why you need to start making drum kits today, you hear me?  Let’s talk about it.

Music producers, you need to be making drum kits today and thankfully with Airbit you can start selling those drum kits tomorrow. I think it’s very important that as you go through your sounds, as you start to EQ them to your liking and you have your custom sounds, you understand that having a drum kit with your name attached to it and circulating it around, those things first of all get around to a lot of producers and second of all, it’s a great opportunity to do some amazing things. I got 3 things that I want to show you that are benefits of making drum kits. Let’s talk about it. 

Reason number 1 that you wanna start making drum kits producers, because it gives you an opportunity to further monetize your music. Now, of course you’re out here, you’re trying to sell beats and you know, you’re probably selling leases and exclusives. What happens to exclusives? Can you sell those anymore? No. But can you the sounds that are within that? I’ll tell you, you probably can. Because most of the times it’s not even covered in the contract that those specific sounds that you use, can no longer be used as one-shot waves. So, you have an opportunity to take a proven product, which is your exclusive beat that just got sold, somebody probably paid hundreds of dollars for it and now they have proven to you that this a product that actually sells and people want this, so if they want it, why not make, and I want, yes, I said want. If they want it, why not make a drum kits that suits their needs?

So, if you have the opportunity to create one shots, you know from your kicks, your snares, cause you may not even know what a drum kit really consist of. I mean I’m sure that you do, but if you don’t, it’s really you know, consists of one shot kicks and snares and when I say one shots they’re really just short clips, short wav clips of your kicks, snares and high hats and you know your cymbals and your reverse cymbals and your transitions, everything that you use. You know they’re the one shots.

Now, you have an opportunity now to use those sounds and that EQ in, cause really the reason people want certain drum kits from certain producers is because of the EQ. It’s not about the sounds, right? You know, people want the particular EQ of you know an ill mind or a just blaze or you know, somebody that just has a very specific sound, they want those sounds, that’s what they’re looking for. 

Number 2 reason, you need to start making drum kits. There’s an excellent opportunity for you to expand your brand out there. When you put your name on the side of the drum kit and it says, I don’t know what your name is, but maybe your name is you know, trap beats from hell. You have the opportunity to spread the gospel of trap beats, I don’t even wanna say that. You got the opportunity to spread the information of trap beats from hell to everybody who comes in contact with that kit. Let’s be realistic: most people are going to buy your kits and there’s gonna be a lot of people who are not gonna buy your kits, however it gives you the great opportunity to expose yourself to other producers.

Curtiss, why do I wanna be exposed to other producers? I want rappers to buy my beats. Because rappers are fans of producers, so if you get in front of the producers, you have an opportunity to get in front their particular customers as well. So, servicing the producer gives you an opportunity not only to monetize but gives you an opportunity to be exposed to other rappers and then from there further your brand. You know if you have sounds that are very distinct, like my drum kit, I have a drum kit called big drums knock. People know what they’re getting when they get that. People look forward to it cause it’s like yo, there’s a certain sound that you can only find with Curtiss King’s drum kits and I’m bout to get hat with this big drums knock whatever. They know that they gonna that. 

Reason number 3 that you need to start making drum kits today, it cost you nothing my friend. You need to get to work. You already got the sounds, you already got the EQ and you already got the sessions with the sounds already in it. You know people are not buying the sound, what they’re buying is your EQ, so get to work. The beats are already done, go find that snare that is so loud it make your eyes and nose connect together and it makes you sinuses go crazy, cause the snare is just so sharp. Go find that 808 that makes your momma wanna knock on the door and say you need to cut it off, you need to cut it out. Find that 808, sell that 808, call it the monster momma don’t like this 808. Go get yourself out there and just you know, really you have the opportunity now to be exposed to so many people. So, go ahead and expose yourself to them people. Man, the work is already done. 

Once again, this is Curtiss King of airbit.com have a good one. 

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