3 Reasons Why Most Rappers Fail In Their Music Career


It is safe to say that very few artists make it to the top and achieve great success. But for those who do, the rewards are simply life changing. Picture yourself as your own boss, living the lifestyle you have always dreamed of, and performing your music to fans who love your work. Some would call this the perfect life. In this article we are going to highlight 3 reasons why most rappers fail in their music career.


1. Lack Of Self Discipline and Drive

To be successful in any field you MUST be disciplined. Self discipline is a trait that every successful person you can think of has in their artillery. To develop self discipline, we must look at our lifestyle already, and look at the lifestyle we desire, and then we must look at the differences.

You can do this right now – grab a pen and paper and write down your daily/weekly habits, and your day to day life in general. Then make a list of things you aspire to, your dream position, and what you would love to be doing daily. You should notice something here. The majority of things in your dream life that you wrote are things that you are not doing. This is a progressive step. Now start analysing the things in your daily life which are obstacles, this could be watching too much TV, drinking & partying, buying too much take away food. It can be anything, but write it down! Once you have identified the issues you can now fix them with by staying disciplined

Making small changes over time is key, because in time, these new tweaks will become your new habits without you even realising! This could give you more time to be productive, and save you money which you can invest in your career to achieve the lifestyle you want.


2. Investing In A Progressive Career

This is the hurdle which most rappers fail to jump, because its a risk. There’s a famous saying which really applies here, high risk = high reward. There is only a certain amount you can really accomplish before you need to delegate tasks or hire professionals to help you progress your career, and this is an essential step to reaching the next level. Professionals in the area of beat production, engineering, mixing & mastering, graphics, promotion are the people a rapper needs to ensure that the high quality products are being created. To attempt to do this on your own to a very high standard would be a near impossible task. Promotion is the make or break for artists. A successful promotion campaign sets up a successful career, so be sure to choose the right company for the job. Remember, you are a business, and every business at some point has to delegate work so that the business can focus its time on progressing further in other aspects, so bare this in mind.


3. Networking

This is one of the hardest tasks, but if done correctly, you will reap the rewards of success. Networking is an art form in its own right, and understanding this art will make you a much more likeable artist which people will want to help, and also work alongside. This all links into self discipline, you must be disciplined enough to find events where the people you need to meet will attend, and actually turn up and work. Yes, WORK. Networking is working. This is a time you must be very professional, have business cards at the ready, research the people you want to connect with so when you approach them, you can strike up conversation and impress them. People love to feel important and known, so show your target that you follow their work, and take a genuine interest, and the favour will be returned. From then on, focus on building a great relationship with these people, and these connections will be instrumental to your success. You can also network online using websites such as LinkedIn to find who you need to communicate with, and then do your research on that person. You can then reach out to them on social media on a friendly level. NEVER start a conversation about yourself, and asking for someone to listen to your music! This will damage your brand and is a major off put.


The bottom line is self discipline is the fundamental trait you need to become successful. Without self discipline, everything is a wasted effort. Self discipline is a process that is long term, not a 2 day job that you can tick off your list. Ensure that you network with people on a regular basis, and research the people you need to meet so you can establish a relationship with them. Also, INVEST!

Thank you for reading this article

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