4 Ways To Be More Professional & Sell More Beats

You want to sell beats, and there is a huge industry of singers, rappers, agents, labels, and everyone in between that is scouring the internet right now looking for the next big beat to hit the scene. However, there are many times that you could be losing potential clients because of a simple thing: professionalism.
By acting professional when trying to network and sell beats, you will instantly get more clients and be able to network in a much greater capacity than you are today. Here are 4 ways that you can do so:

1. Don’t Use Too Much Slang
I know that in today’s world, especially for the Hip Hop industry, it’s very common to use lots of slang in every discussions. I completely understand that, but it could be a problem if you’re completely on the other spectrum when dealing with a client. I’ve often come across beatmakers and producers online that approached me in what I would call an unprofessional manner, simply by talking to me like I’m some guy in their crew and we’re chilling on the corner. No.
I use slang every day just like the rest of you, but when it comes to business, leave that alone. People have to understand that a lot of the music industry is fantasy land where artists put on an act, and as a producer, you should follow suit.
2. Make Sure You Can Write Properly
I write every single day, but a lot of times I may not write properly, if you were to ask an English major to read my stuff. For that I don’t care, but let’s face it, in the online world, not many people can spell.
It’s like when people tell you to make sure you proofread your resume before you apply for a job – the same applies here. There really is no excuse for poor writing because c’mon now, how can you screw up your own language?!!? Actually, I’ve seen it happen with my cousin, but she’s an idiot.
But when it’s time for you to write an email to a potential buyer, make sure you know what you’re writing. I don’t mean that you have to be super formal and write it up like a lawyer’s letter, but just be professional.
3. Use Spell Check
I can’t stress this enough, but use spell check! I just don’t get it how some people still don’t spell properly, especially since there is a built-in spell check in all modern browsers and especially on mobile phones.
It can still be a bit tricky for some of you because there’s words such as:
  • There
  • Their
  • They’re
But those are easy to figure out, and if need be – Google it.
4. Act Professional and Potential Clients Will Take You Seriously
When I was much younger, one of the first jobs that I applied for was a busboy at a restaurant. I was young and stupid, so when I showed up for my job interview, I had on jeans, a t-shirt, and big headphones around my neck! I think I even let my walkman play but I just turned the volume down. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.
But there were other jobs that were basic office jobs and I showed up wearing a really nice suit, and I was dressed nicer than some people working there. Those jobs I got.
The point is, I was professional and even though I was overdressed, I made a good impression and was able to land the job. Why? Because those employers took me seriously since I was taking the interview seriously.
You may be selling beats by using tons of slang and having poorly written and worded emails or texts, and if that works for you then great. But if you’re looking to gain even more clients, and especially if you want to network with people in the music industry, it’s a must that you be professional. I’m not saying you should wear a 3-piece suit if you’re meeting with a rapper around the way that wants to buy your beats, but looking and acting professional will not only help you get further, it will motivate you as well.

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