5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Track Of Your Beat Sales

When selling your beats, there are many factors in play such as the price of the beat, doing revisions based on the client’s needs, building a relationship with the client, etc.

But beat sales would not be possible if you didn’t have some sort of order in place, such as keeping track of all your beat sales. Some might just keep all their emails so they can see who they sold beats to, but the best way is with a spreadsheet. myFlashStore offers a feature where it keeps track of what you sold, but you could also do one yourself.

These are 5 reasons why you should keep track of your beat sales:

1. It’s Efficient

Do you blindly spend your money without knowing how much you have in your bank account? Of course not. You keep tabs on how much money you have so that you don’t run out of it, and most likely you’re doing so by checking your bank’s website.

The same applies to tracking beat sales.

You could sell beats every single day and make lots of money, but you could make much more if you were to track all the sales in a spreadsheet. It’s efficient, it shows you all the information you need, and it gives you insight into how well your sales are doing.

2. It Shows How Much You’ve Sold

The great thing about tracking your sales is that you can see how many beats you’ve sold overall, and how much money you’ve made. This is the whole point of having a spreadsheet, so you can see what’s going on and if your sales are up or down.

3. It Shows You Which Clients Buy From You The Most

Most of the time you will have return customers because they like your beats and want more of them. With that in mind, it’s easy to keep track of who you’ve sold the most beats to, and who keeps coming back for more.

For the clients that keep returning, you have the perfect opportunity to network with them. For example, if a certain client keeps coming back to you every month, then you should contact them (since you have their email address listed in the spreadsheet), and offer them a discount on the next beat purchase, or even offer to work with them for free. Yes, free. Sometimes you have to take that extra step to keep a client happy.


4. You Can Build A Contact List

The most valuable feature of a spreadsheet is that you now have the email address from all the people you’ve sold beats to. This is extremely powerful to have, because now you can build a list and email them once in a while to either see how they’re doing, or to offer discounts.

Of course, you need to get all those email addresses into your email client, but a spreadsheet like Excel has got you covered. Search around for “how to extract emails from a spreadsheet”, and you will get plenty of examples that show you how to do just that. Once you have them extracted, you can then add them to your contact list in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.

It’s also a great way to promote yourself a little more, like if you have a new feature on your website, new beats on your myFlashStore page, or to simply ask your clients if they can mention you on their Twitter or Facebook pages. You would be surprised at how many will help you out.

5. You Can See What Does And Doesn’t Work

Just like using Google Analytics for your website, you can use a spreadsheet to see how you’re doing. There are options to sort by a particular column (such as by the highest amount a beat was sold for), by name, or by customer rating. In the above picture, I have a column at the end where I list the client at a rate of 4 out of 5. You could get more detailed and put 4.3 / 5 or just round the number off, it’s up to you.

But it’s very important to have a customer rating because if you see that a lot of your ratings for your clients are low, it’s time to re-think what you’re doing.

Your client ratings could be low because either you’re finding clients in the wrong place, or they’re difficult to work with – but that could be a result of them having trouble working with YOU.

Regardless, the rating column is a great way to see what clients are the best and worst to work with, so use it.


The great thing about a spreadsheet is that you have complete control over it. You can add as many columns as you want, and name them whatever.

Your beat sales are very important, so keeping track of them will not only show you how you’re doing, the end result is that it will help you sell more beats. Think about it.

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