Are Your Beats Ready For Prime Time

It’s natural for producers and beatmakers to think that their beats are the best of the best, and that no one else can compete. It’s natural to think that your beats are untouchable, and that every emcee on the planet should be lining up to spit on top of yours. The sad truth is that most of you are just not ready for Prime Time yet.

What Is Prime Time?

It’s when you are at the top of your game and as a result, your beats are ready to be heard by the masses. What a lot of producers and beatmakers fail to realize is that just because you can upload your music to the internet for the whole world to listen to, doesn’t mean you should. Back in the day there was no internet, so there was no way of “showing off” your beats as there is today.

I’ve heard tons of beats over the years, and a lot of them I shouldn’t have heard. I know it sounds harsh, but most people finish their beat and then upload it for everyone to hear, whether their beat is good or not. I’m guilty of doing the same thing because I when I first started out I wanted everyone to hear what I was capable of, the problem was that I didn’t realize I was doing the wrong thing.

Keep It To Yourself

When you’re making any type of beat, you should always keep it to yourself first. It’s tempting to mix down a track and start uploading it to Soundcloud or any other social website, but don’t. Keep it on your hard drive and go over it a bunch of times over the next few weeks. Yes, I said weeks. The reason is because after a few weeks your ears will adapt to that beat, plus you would have been influenced by different things over those weeks, which might make you change your mind about your beat.

You might decide that your bassline needs changing, or maybe you heard someone else’s beat and you got an idea from that, which you think would sound great in your own beat. See what I’m saying?

There’s No Rush

Everyone is in a hurry to upload their beats. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just something that’s been hard coded into the DNA of producers and beatmakers, but it’s what we tend to do. You don’t have to upload your beats right away and look for feedback, instead just let it ride for a bit. It’s true that getting feedback from others is a great way to improve your beats, but it depends on what the beat is.

If you’re trying to do a certain thing in your beats, like you’re trying to sample a certain sound and you’re having trouble with it, then this is something you could ask for feedback on. If, however, you just did some loop and feel like throwing it up online right away, there’s no need to.

The Rookie Syndrome

We all started off as rookies, and we all have made really crappy beats, but I find that studying other people’s beats is much better than just asking for feedback. If you can, find a sort of beat mentor that can help and guide you, making suggestions along your beat making journey.

Whenever I have new members signup to the IllMuzik forums, most of the time it’s rookies that just want everyone to hear what they have. I never understood why someone would just signup then randomly post links to their beats all over the forums! It makes no sense to me. What are you expecting to accomplish by doing this?


If your beats are ready for Prime Time, you’ll know it. People will be telling you and you won’t have to wonder if your beats are dope, because they will be. If you’re having doubts, then that will come through in your beats and you won’t be ready for Prime Time. Practice, study, and produce.

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