Charge For Beat Insurance (Trackouts in The Cloud)

If you’ve been selling beats for a while, you’ll know that some artists are careless when it comes to their session files. Artists have emailed me saying they’ve lost the session files for their premium leasing rights or exclusive rights and have asked me to send them the files again.

This can be a pain in the ass since most of us would have to stop what we’re doing to go on our beat programs, export the session files, zip up the folder and then send the zip folder out to the artist, for free. Furthermore, what do you do with the session files of beats you’ve already sold anyway? Why keep them on your computer if they’re already sold? In this post, I’m going to tell you how you can make money off session files that you’ve already sold without reselling a beat and how you cant make money off artists who loose their session files by introdoucing a new service called Beat Insurance.


Most of us have heard of Dropbox and Google Drive. These are basically called cloud services that store all your files online. These services are free for certain GBs but after you’ve reach a limit they will charge you about $10 – $20 a month depending on how much space you need.

The Idea:

Charge artists monthly or yearly to store their session files. Tell them that after exclusive rights are sold, the session files are deleted unless beat insurance is purchased. Remind them that if they loose their session files without having insurance, then they loose the money they’ve spent on the beat.

I charge my artists differently depending on how many session files they want me to store. If they want to store 3 – 5 session files, then I’ll charge them $5 a month or $50 a year. If they have 1 – 2 session files, then I’ll charge them $2 a month or $20 a year. Dropbox or Google Drive may run out of free space until you’re about 40 – 50 session files in. By then, your insurance program will be making a profit while paying for the extra storage needed.

After doing some testing, artists are not going to pay so much for insurance, so make sure you keep the monthly payments in the $2 to $5 range and offer yearly insurance.



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