Converting Leads Into Paying Customers

So you know how to get traffic to your site – using your SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, etc. But how do you convert that traffic into paying customers? When it comes to online sales most websites typically convert at around 2-3%. This number will vary depending on who you talk to/where you do your research but even with varying numbers it will be somewhere between 1-5%

I’m telling you this so that when you have everything in place you don’t start worrying when you’re seeing your leads convert at 2%

And this is not as low as it seems. If you have 10,000 people visit your site and 2% convert to sales, that’s 200 sales. If you’re leasing your beats for $20 that’s $4000 for converting only 2% of your visitors. That conversion rate doesn’t seem so bad now does it?

And if you’re making use of your analytics you’ll be able to find ways to raise your conversion by 0.5%-1.5%, increasing your profits dramatically. This is why analytics, testing and measuring comes up constantly in my blogs, and why it is so important in marketing. If you can use these three things to increase your conversion by only 0.5%, that will equal an extra $1000 in your pocket (0.5% of 10,000 visitors = 50 sales. 50 x $20 = $1000). Still with me? Good


So how do you convert leads into sales?

The first (and most obvious) thing you should do to maximise conversion is make sure you have high quality beats, a professional looking website and good customer service. As a small business – which you are – these are the fundamentals for you to build on when trying to convert visitors into paying customers. And if you don’t have the fundamentals in place and performing solidly, then you can’t expect to achieve many conversions

In this post I discussed keeping in contact and being patient with your leads – playing the long game in order to get the sale. This is where your email game comes good. Although it may take 1, 2 or 3 months to make that first sale, once it’s made, and the customer receives their high quality beat, their confidence in you and willingness to buy from you again will increase untold amounts

Think of it like finding a new restaurant to eat at. Your reluctance to waste your money on bad food means you’ll most likely choose to eat at the places you’re familiar with. But one day you try your luck and go somewhere new, the food is amazing and before you know it, it’s your new favourite place to eat! These visitors may take time to purchase from you, but if your beats are up to scratch you might just grab yourself a long term customer or two

So I say again don’t try too hard to sell your beats at the first point of contact with a new potential customer

Understanding Your Customers

In order to convert leads into sales you need to understand your customers. What are their needs? How/why did they end up on your site? How can you meet their needs and ensure they leave your site satisfied, increasing the chances they’ll return for more?

How can you sell to people if you don’t know what they’re looking for?


It may seem like a simple answer (and yes, it is more simple than other industries) but there are different levels to it. The simplest answer is –  they’re looking for beats, right? But just knowing people want beats isn’t going to help you quit your day job

You need to know what people are searching for (e.g. rap beats, r&b instrumentals, etc.). This can be done using your keyword research. Once you’ve done your research, and tested and measured for the best results, you can cater your website, your advertising, social networks, your whole business towards exactly what your audience is looking for. And this is when you’ll see the small increase in conversion that will lead to a big increase in profits!

On this note, it’s good practice to put yourself in your customer’s shoes every now and again. This will ensure that their experience when visiting your site and/or buying from you is easy welcoming, as to encourage repeat custom. You can even get a friend to visit browse your site and buy beat from you then get feedback from them. I guarantee their experience will be different to the experience you have when you’re on the site yourself

And don’t be afraid to ask questions either. There are some things that a page full of stats and analytics can’t tell you, so it’s best just to ask!


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