Developing a Simple Newsletter Strategy

Here are some tips to remember when developing an Email Newsletter Strategy for your Beat Selling Business:

Keep Things Simple

You simply want to have your Beat Store visitors type in their email address into your Mailing List form – so make sure that it is easy to find and understand. The best 2 fields to have in your Email Form are Name and Email as well as a short simple message with instructions.

Place a Signup form on every page

As with Website Monetization, you want to “monetize” every opportunity you have to get an email signup so be sure to have your email form embedded on every page that your visitors would click and land on.

What Are They Getting?

In order to get people signed up and targeted, you want to add a list of the things that the subscriber will get when they are a member of your newsletter. You can simply add things like “1 New Beat Every Week”, “20% Discount of ALL Beats as a Subscriber”, “FREE Recording Tips”, etc. You want to get them as interested as possible to get signed up to your email newsletter.

Utilize an Autoresponder

Just before you go live with your Newsletter, you should add at least 7 Autoresponder Messages that will be sent out to each new subscriber automatically after they’ve signed up. This will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run.

Dont Forget Links

Lastly, you’ll want to have links inside of your newsletter that point your subscribers back to your Beats and Website. Have direct links to your beat pages, a page with your myFlashStore as well as appropriate links in your signature (which you can add to every Newsletter Service).

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