Finding the Right People!

I noticed that a large number of Beatmakers & Producers have really dope Beats, but their marketing sucks! Even though…some of them are working really hard & are spending hundreds of bucks on Advertisments. The main reason why they aren’t selling anything (or just a few beats a month) is because most of them are talking to the wrong people. This is probably one of the most-made mistake in the history of marketing!

In this Article, I want to share with ya’ll how it’s done right!

Here’s how I use to do it: There’s a real nice website called It’s basically a website, which shows you the Demographics of another website. It shows you how many visitors visited a certain website, how old they are, where they went to school, what browser they’re using, etc. This might sound a little bit crazy, but that’s how it works! I use to check the demographics of the biggest beat-selling websites on the web. Well what it tells me is: most of the visitors are between 18-34 years old, male, went to College, use Firefox, etc.

By having this kind of information, it automatically makes me a little richer! Why? Well…I adapt my website to the visitors that I’d like to have! I design my ads, so they be interesting to people between 18-34 years (no childish advertisment banners, etc..) For example: I won’t put “Justin Bieber” on my advertisment banner to “represent” my website..because I don’t want 14-year old girls to come & listen to my beats…I’d rather put someone like “B.o.B” or “Eminem”.

It’s a basic & simple idea, but very effective. Imagine: This could be the point where your whole business could change!

I’ll post more of this kind of articles! So stay tuned.

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