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MyFlashstore has recently added a new feature where you can upload tagged versions of your beats for artists to download for free. Before the artist can download the beats, they need to Like your beat page on Facebook first. This is great idea from MyFlashstore and we need to start using it to our advantage ASAP. I found a cool way to use this feature to build your maillng list and (thanks to MyFlashstore) go more viral.

The Insight:

MyFlashstore lets you upload tagged versions of your beats for free download but its only for the marketplace here on MyFlashstore. That means only artists who come to MyFlashstore will find those free beats. What I’ve learned was that if I search my name “Beats4Real” in the marketplace, all my beats show up, including my free beats. When I click on “FREE Tagged Beats” only my free beats show up. So again, this feature is great but its means that my free beats are only available on the MyFlashstore site which may be limiting but understandable.

The Idea:

I searched my producer name on the marketplace, I noticed the address in my address bar changed. If I copy and paste that address in a new tab, it will direct me to the marketplace with my producer name already in the search results – cool! I tried doing the same thing after clicking on “FREE Tagged Beats” but the address on my address bar didn’t change for that, but no worries, I still had something to work with. I have a link that I can send to artists who want free beats that will help me go viral. I just have to tell them to click on the “FREE Tagged Beats” checkbox to find them.

So this is what I do now whenever I’m talking to a new artist. I ask them if they want some free beats. Of course they say yes and then I ask for their email or direct them to a webpage with a mailing list sign up form with an autoresponder.

The autoresponder says something like this:

” Welcome to Beats4Real! To get your free beats follow the instruction below:

1. Go to:

2. REMEMBER* On your left hand side, click on “FREE Tagged Beats”

3. To download the beats click on the small down arrow under the play button ”

And so now when artists want FREE beats I benefit two ways. One, by getting them on my mailing list, and two, by helping my beats go viral when they click Like before downloading the beats!



*Beats4Real is a private group of producers on Facebook focused on creating new innovative ways to sell beats – Join us here:

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