Free Beats (and How To Turn Them Into Profit)

Free Beats. Artists Love Them, Producers Hate Giving Them. There Are 2 Ways To Go About Them. The RIGHT Way (Which Can Payoff Well, and the WRONG Way (Which Leaves You In The Dust).

Lets Start Off With The Wrong Way.

DO NOT Give Beats Away Untagged, No Matter What The Artist Tries To Tell You. That Is Simply Stupid. Artists Will Tell You They’ll Credit You and You Never Hear Nothing Back From Them.

DO NOT Just Give All Your Beats Away Even If They Are Tagged, Cause That’s When Artists Will Take Advantage of You. They’ll Call You “Their Producer, Tell Everyone They Got Beats From You, Then The Day You Mention Them Buying Beats, They Move On To The Next Person.

DO NOT Upload Your Beats To Soundclick and Other Sites With Only One Tag At The Beginning. I Cant Recall How Many Times Ive Received Tracks Back From Artists and They Had Completely Chopped Out The Tag Part In The Beginning.

Now Free Beats Aren’t All Bad. Here Are The Right Ways To Use Free Beats To Turn A Profit.

I Used To Despise Artists Who Begged and Asked For Snippets Of Beats Sent To Their Email. I Figured Hey You Gotta Check Your Email, Why Not Just Go To My Site. Man Was I Wrong. Technology Nowadays Is Now Allowing These Artists To Listen To beats From Their Phones. For The Last 4-5 Days Or So I’ve Been Doing This Snippet, and I’ve Received About 20-30% Increase In Business. The Thing You Do Is Go Ahead and Send Emails With About 4-5 Beat Snippets (All In A Different Genre) and In The Message Tell Them You Are Sending Them Snippets, and They Have The Option To Download The Tagged Versions Free Or Lease The Untagged Versions. They’ll Usually Tell You They’ll Stick To The Free Downloads For Now. Don’t Worry Half The About 3/4 Of The Artists Who Say That Come Back And Buy.

Another Way Is If You Grind On Twitter A Lot. When Artists Say They Need Beats, Check Out Their Profile. Look At Their Followers/Following Ratio. Check Out How Many People Are Sending The Artist Shoutouts, or Fanpics. How Many RT’s The Artist Is Getting. If Everything Looks On The Up and Up Feel Free To Email Them A Few Beats Free. If They Make Some Hot Songs Over The Beat, Thats Potential Fans and Customers Coming Your Way.

If You Have Local Artists In Your City/State That Gets A Lot Shine. Get Beats To Them, Even If You Dont Like The Artist I Have Plenty Locals That Are Very Hot, Have Hella Fans, and Believe They Are Above Buying Beats. Thats Cool, Use Their Fame To Bring Yourself Fans and Potential Customers. Simply Get An Email To Send Beats To, Leave At Least 1 Tag In The Beat, and Make Sure You Get Credit, and Your Paypal Will Be Banking Soon.

— Blue

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