How I got 56,767 followers on Twitter

What’s up guys? Hope everybody’s doing fine selling a lot of beats online! I received so many emails from you guys asking how I managed to get over 50,000+ followers on Twitter. Well, I decided to share my secret with the world, since it could be really helpful for every producer, artist & musician!

I get all my new customers from Twitter – it’s actually my gold mine. I’d be dead without it 🙂

Everybody used to ask me: “Are you cheating?” or “It’s impossible to get so many followers in such a short amount of time.” The truth is, I have a secret weapon! Before I tell ya’ll what it is, let me explain, why I became so successful on Twitter.

As some of you know, I own 2 marketing companies here in Austria. Both are specialized on Social Media Management, Web Design & Internet Marketing. We basically do everything, that’s possible to do on the Internet to get more customers for all kinds of businesses. I’ve worked with a lot of big names in the industry & I’ve collected a lot of experience from all over the world. Having 56,767 followers makes me #2 in the whole country (Austria) – so my strategy is legit!

Let’s get started.

To actually manage so many followers, you either have to pay 20 people to work for you OR you let your computer do the work for you! It’s really that simple. I use a really great software called TweetAdder to collect followers, keep them, message them & tweet stuff. It made my life so much easier. The great thing about it – once you set up all the settings right, it basically works on auto-pilot. That means I make money, without even having to promote at all. That’s great, because that way I can focus on the music & other important stuff.

I set it that way, so it automatically sends a message to my new followers – I get 100-400 new followers everyday. So that’s a nice way to get more traffic to my website.

It is possible to do all the Twitter work manually, but you won’t manage more than 5,000 manually – which is not bad – but 50,000 is still better & you have way more potential clients.

The cool thing about TweetAdder is, you can collect potential clients by keywords, location or grab the followers of other Twitter users. Once you get used to it, you’ll find out what works best for you & you’ll have a real good number of people to follow you back & are interested in your beats and services.

I hope this article will help a lot of you guys. The stuff I shared with you is really gold worth – this simple change & automation could change your life or at least save you a lot of time & get you some $$$ in your account automatically.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me

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