Improve Your Beat Sales With Testing

One thing I’ve mentioned a few times in previous posts is the importance of testing & measuring. Everything you do should be tested and measured before implementing it on a larger scale. All your advertising and promotion techniques need to have their results measured for effectiveness. Otherwise you’ll never improve on your first efforts

Now when I say everything should be tested, I mean e-ve-ry-thing. Lets look at advertising (Pay Per Click) as an example. If you’re running an ad for selling hip hop beats, you’ll want to try every variation of wording you can think of. (e.g. buy hip hop beats, hip hop beats for sale, hip hop instrumentals, etc.). Run the ad for a few weeks, a month, however long you feel necessary to get a decent amount of results, then change the wording and do it again

Then once you’ve got the wording right, try experimenting with capital letters. “Hip Hop Beats For Sale” vs. “Hip hop beats for sale” vs “Hip Hop beats for sale” etc. You may think it won’t make a difference, but believe me, it does. All these things will make a difference. And testing to find the perfect recipe is how you maximise the effectiveness of your ads

You’ll not want to invest too much money in this at first, as you’re just finding out what works best for that advert. Once you’ve determined the best wording and style, then you can invest some real money in it

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Same thing goes for your website – particularly your landing pages (the pages your links are sending people to). Everything from colour, image position, size, calls to action, should be tested in order to get the best results long term. It’s a long process, and will take organisation to keep on top of it all, but it’ll be worth it when you know you’re converting sales at the highest rate you can

You may be happy that your nicely optimised website is converting 2% of your visitors into paying customers. But who’s to say that changing one small thing on your landing page won’t push that conversion up to 2.5/3%? That could mean hundreds of dollars a week to you

I said you should test everything earlier and I meant it. How about having the autoplay setting on or off? Maybe you’ve always had it on because you want people to hear your beat right? But if you’ve never turned it off for a substantial amount of time, how do you know if this is helping or hindering your sales? Maybe people are listening to their own music, and hearing your beat over the top annoys them, causing them to leave your page. Or maybe they just don’t like that beat, so, rather than check out others, they leave straight away.

Split Testing

A common phrase you’ll hear when researching marketing is Split Testing or A/B Testing. This is simply running two versions of the same thing at the same time and comparing the results. This is the best way to get accurate results and see what works vs. what doesn’t. The idea is that you run two versions of the same (ad/landing page/newsletter/etc.) together, with one difference, then drop the weakest performer. You then create a new version, again with one change, and run it against the strongest performer from the previous test and repeat.

It’s important that you only change one thing from version to version, otherwise you will not know what is effecting the results. For example, you run two newsletters with different subject lines and different images. How do you know if the click through rate is being effected by the subject line or the images?

The Testing Never Ends

These are all things you can only find out by testing. Everything you implement in your business should be tested to the very maximum that you can. And don’t think that after a few months of testing you’re done. It never ends. Trends change, attitudes change, user behaviour changes. And the only way to keep your sales up is to keep an eye on your metrics and change things when necessary

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

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