NEW: Monetise Your Beats on YouTube with Content ID

What is YouTube Content ID?

Content ID is YouTube’s system for ensuring you receive payment for people using your music in videos they upload to YouTube. Once your beat has been uploaded and begins to be monetised (become available to earn revenue), YouTube’s automated system will match any videos containing your audio – whether it’s the entire instrumental or only a few seconds – and you will be able to earn money through ads that are displayed in/alongside that video.


Get More Income From Your Beats

The most obvious reason to submit your beats for Content ID is to earn more money from your beats. It’s important to have money coming in from different sources so that if one goes down, or stops providing, you’re still earning from other avenues. It also means that each individual beat can now earn you money after the initial sale – so if you’ve got a few beats that sell really well, those few beats will bring in extra income via Content ID, making up for other beats that perhaps aren’t selling as well.


Free Downloads + Content ID = Easy Money

With Content ID in place, you can make money without selling a single beat. It’s true. By giving away your beats for free and monetising them on YouTube, all you have to do is wait for the free downloaders to make a video from your beat and upload it YouTube, then you can start earning. And of course, they may come back to purchase a full lease as well!


Keep Track of Video Streams

With Content ID you can keep track of the number total video streams. In your Dashboard you’ll see how many times your instrumental has been streamed on YouTube, via your customers’ videos, as well as how much those streams have earned you:


You can also see exactly which videos are matching your submitted beats.


Things to Consider When Monetising Your Beats

If you’ve used samples/loops in your beats, these will likely be matched with any other beat using the same samples/loops.

Your lease agreements may allow customers to monetise their videos on Youtube, which means you will need to release your claim on it for that particular video. This does not affect other videos.

e.g. If you are monetising your beat “Drake Type Beat 2019”, and ‘Bryan’ purchases a lease which allows him to monetise it, you will have to release the claim on this and allow him to monetise his video. However, if ‘David’ has downloaded the beat for free, you can still earn revenue from the video he has uploaded. Get it?


For step-by-step guides to everything you need to know for monetising your beats on YouTube via Airbit, click here.

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If I have a Co-Producer on the same beat I’ve submitted, will they get paid revenue also. You guys never explained that situation.

Sorry this wasn’t explained. Content ID doesn’t cover producer splits, so this will need to be paid manually, outside of Airbit. If you head to Dash > YouTube Content ID > Revenue, you can see how much the beat has earned to work out how much the co-producer is owed

Quick question, I have a beat that’s been approved for YouTube content I’d but when my buddy add it in his videos it strikes a flag against his channel so he cannot monetize his own video because of my content I’d strike. My question is, How can he use a beat of mines in his video and I get paid for the content I’d of the beat while he gets paid thru the monetization from YouTube views at the same time? Do I have to whitelist his channel? Will we still collect revenue?

You can release the claim on his video from your Dashboard, in YouTube Content ID > Claims. If you have a lot of claims, you can ask him to dispute the claim in YouTube – this will highlight it in your claims and make it easy to find. Once released, you will still monetise the beat on YouTube, but his video will be unaffected. If you have any trouble or questions about this, drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.

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