New Tool: Sell More Beats and Increase Brand Awareness (Video)

What if there was a way for producers to stand out and sell more beats to customers without SEO, Email marketing, social media or even a website. Well I love asking questions like this because it helps me come up with new innovative ideas. To be clear, I’m not saying this will be the only tool you would need to sell beats. You really want to use email marketing, social media ect. to sell beats. But if there was a way to sell beats without any of that and only with myFlashstore (aside from the marketplace) I think this is the way. Here’s a some info about a new tool a created for producers.

So most us use myFlashstore to sell beats. As some may know, I’ve been making a living off beats for about 6 years now. Aside from music production though, I’m also a computer programmer. Combining my interest for selling beats and computer programming, I created a Google Chrome Extension that will help you sell more beats. Producers in my circle have already tried it and they think it’s great.

However, one of the main concerns producers had about this extension was framed as the question: “Are people using Google Chrome?”. These statistics say that as if 2013, 50% of people use Google Chrome and judging by the growth they’ve had in the past years, it looks like more people will have Google Chrome in the future.

You can check out the stats here:

If you’re interested in buying the Chrome Extension, I will build your own Chrome Extension with your Myflashstore player and send you a zip folder that you can then forward to your customers. I will also include a 4 step instructions document that you can send to customers who haven’t installed a Chrome Extension before.

Contact me at to purchase.



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