Promoting your beats on YouTube – Introduction

Guidlines for producers / beat makers that want to start promoting music on YouTube .

First of all let me introduce myself so that you will know who is talking and from what perspective .

My name is iulian and I am ½ and the founder of 2probeats ( Music production team from Romania – . Currently our YouTube channel has 6000+ subscribers and 1.7 millions video views . We started posting videos in 2010 and we had our ups and downs on YouTube but for us it was one of the best and cheapest marketing tool and it helped us to gain more exposure get more costumers and sell more beats .

In the following article i will show some option that you have when starting a YouTube channel and how to get exposure .

1. You have a few options when starting an YT channel

a. Beat-Making videos

b. Instrumentals – audio only ( + picture or screencast )

c. A combination of this options

a. With Beat-Making videos you can gain more exposure faster so it`s one of the best thing you can do when starting out posting videos on YT .

Guidelines for Beat-Making videos :

– Keep the videos under 5 minutes (that means you need to make a format for your videos and stick to it so at one point people will get familiar with it and it will remember your videos )

Example of video format : intro ( animated video with your logo or a recording with you welcoming people to your YT channel ) beatmaking and the outro ( in the outro you can send people to your website , social websites etc. ) .

– The audio part must sound clean so if your camera don`t have a great microphone you must record the audio out from your PC and synchronize it . ( I will explain how you can do that on future articles )

– Video editing – If your editing skills are not that great just keep it simple and on point but here you can get creative to attract more people and to gain more exposure and subscribers .

– Do some preproduction work ! What does that means? You should have the idea already in your head before hitting record on you camera . It`s faster and if you have the idea you can work around it to get a nice final result .

b. Posting instrumentals without a beat making video is a great option and a more convenient one because you don`t need a camera and you don`t go through the process of recording , editing the video .

Guidelines for Instrumentals – audio only + ( picture or screencast )

– If you don`t have a camera you can always use a picture in the videos but remember ! never use copyrighted images because you risk to get flagged , your video will be removed and when you hit three strikes your account will be closed . The best way is to use your Logo and links to your websites .

– Screencasts are a very popular way to get your beats on YT . Screencast are more interesting than audio+ picture because you showcase a little on how the beats was made .

c. A combination of beat making videos and audio only instrumentals in my option is the best option because you can post more than one per week and keep people interested . You can post one beat making video and one audio only instrumental per week .

YouTube is one of the best marketing tools that you can use at this moment . You can build a great fan base and followers and most important you can get costumers from YouTube and build some business relationships .

Best regards , iulian / 2probeats

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