Sell More Beats By Working As A Team

With all of the tips, tricks, and articles that center around the art of selling beats, there’s still plenty of you that are having a hard time getting sales. Maybe you’ve tried hitting the streets and making a name for yourself, or maybe you’ve been promoting your music all over the internet.

Regardless of what methods you’ve used so far, have you thought about selling as a team? I don’t mean you and someone else making beats and selling them together, rather I mean hooking up with someone that will help you sell YOUR beats. It’s a weird concept, but it could work.

I would recommend that you hook up with another beat maker. You could ask any friend online to help you sell more, and that will work, but in this instance I’m talking about working with a person that also makes beats.

I have many online friends, and a lot of them have many connections, so it would make sense to ask them to help me sell beats, but right now the focus is finding another beat maker. The reason is because that person knows what it’s like to put together a beat and try to sell it, so it will help the two of you get a better understanding of how and where the beat needs to be sold, rather than a friend who just posts “hey buy my friend’s beats, here’s his website”, on their Facebook page.

Why Would Anyone Want To Help You Sell Beats?

Because you can return the favor. Think about UFC fighters. Every fighter trains with a training camp, and each camp has many fighters in the UFC and other MMA organizations. If you watch closely during a fight, you will see a fighter helping out as a coach. This is because even though they’re both fighters, they belong to the same training camp and they help each other out.

The same thing goes with selling beats. Let’s say you know Producer X and he sells beats online too. Instead of just talking to each other about selling beats, why not work together and help each other sell one anothers beats?

You could even work it out amongst the two of you where if you help Producer X sell a beat, you get a certain percentage of what he made on the sale. Why not?

It Increases Your Chances Of Selling More

This is the most obvious reason why you would want to do this in the first place – to sell more beats. With all the plastering of posts on all the social media websites asking to buy beats, working as a team can greatly increase your chances of selling beats.

You could be posting on your Facebook or Twitter accounts together, at the same time, with two totally different posts. Then share each other’s posts. Depending on how many friends and connections you have, you and your partner’s posts could be shared, liked, favorited, and retweeted a hundred times over. Two heads are better than one.


By working as a team, you will be motivated to work harder because you won’t want to disappoint your partner, nor will they want to disappoint you. If the two of you are motivated enough to begin with, then you could easily take that motivation to a whole new level, which will lead to more sales.

It can be very difficult to sell beats and it can be very easy to get lazy, so feeding off each other is the ticket. There were times where I wasn’t in the mood to even make beats, let alone sell them, and seeing my friend make something new just motivated me to get off my butt and create something.


Many times I’ve stressed the importance of looking professional, but also acting the part as well. Nobody wants to deal with just anyone selling beats, especially someone that looks, sounds, and acts the same as everyone else.

This is why you need to be different, and having a partner will make it almost seem like you have a team working with you, but also it will leave potential buyers wondering why someone is working with you to sell your beats. Your partner is doing this for a reason, and that reason is because they like you and your music and believe that you will succeed.

Working Together

Besides selling beats, this could potentially form a beat making team between you and your partner. You might end up producing music together, as well as selling together.

Pretty much all of us make beats by ourselves, but working with someone else as a team is actually a lot of fun. The first time I popped my beat-making-as-a-team cherry, it was something I didn’t expect. The two of us worked really well together and we ended up working on many other projects after that.


You could continue trying to sell beats alone, and that’s perfectly fine. But if you’re struggling and looking to increase your sales, or just possibly change things up a bit for 2014, then by all means – find a partner. There’s plenty of other people on myFlashStore selling beats, so you can pretty much pick and choose who you want to partner up with. Good luck!

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