Selling Beats Is All About Logic

It’s true. When it all comes down to it, selling beats is all about logic, common sense, and of course, hard work. There are other factors to consider too, such as whether or not your beats are actually good or not, but if your beats are up to par, then selling them should not be that hard.
Too often I hear people mention the bad deals they have encountered when attempting to sell beats, but it should not be difficult, as long as you use your logic.

There are many ways you can try to sell your beats. Uploading them to the myFlashStore Marketplace is one method, but there are also other ways such as:
  • Networking online and in person.
  • Word of mouth.
  • Advertising online and in the street.
  • Street teams pushing your name and music out to the masses.
  • and many more
No matter which method of selling that you use, it all boils down to common sense. Let’s take a look at some scenarios:
1. A Rapper Wants Your Beat But Doesn’t Want To Pay
This is a common occurrence. A lot of buyers will tell you that they’re interested in your beats but then they turn around and offer you credit on their mixtape, or a shoutout.
What does your logic tell you?
Common sense is that you back away from the deal. You don’t have to be a genius to know that this kind of deal is worthless and you will never get paid for your services, and getting paid is exactly what you are after.
2. A Buyer Wants To Buy Your Beats But Wants A Discount
This another common scenario, and it can go either way. On one hand, you might want to form a relationship with this buyer so that you can work together sometime later. On the other hand, you might not like this buyer and you just want to sell them your beats and be gone. For argument’s sake, let’s say you don’t like this buyer and you just want to sell.
What does your logic tell you?
You can look at it like selling something on Craigslist. Whenever I have tried to sell anything on there, no matter what I put in my post, everyone is always looking for a deal. I sometimes make a deal, but most of the time I don’t because I know what the value of the item is, and taking money off is not going to happen.
If you are offering 3 beats at $200 each, which equals $600, and the buyer asks you to drop it to $500, then it’s something to consider. But as mentioned, if you don’t like the buyer and are not afraid of walking away from the deal, then common sense tells you to stand firm. If you give a discount, then this buyer might come back again and again, each time looking for a deal. It’s not a chance you want to take.
3. A Buyer Wants To Buy Your Beat But Wants Changes Made (that you don’t like)
It’s very possible that a buyer will want to buy your beat, but will want changes made to it. You might think that it’s not a big deal, but think about it – do you want your name attached to that beat, even though the changes made are not to your liking?
Let’s say that you have a Trap beat and the buyer likes it, but they want some Honky Tonk piano added to it. Now I know that would never happen, but let’s just say it did. The end result would be a really crappy beat, no? So now you have a dilemma – do you make the change, sell the beat, and get recognized? Or do you refuse and try to sell the beat as is?
What does your logic tell you?
It all depends on what you want to get out of it, but common sense should tell you to not take the deal. Some of you might say no and take the money and run, but the way I see it – your name will be tarnished. Whenever someone hears that beat, they will know you produced it and they will be wondering “what was he thinking?” when they hear the Honky Tonk piano (sorry, I couldn’t come up with a different example!).
So when the time comes to sell a beat to a potential buyer, no matter how much experience you have selling, or how many articles you have read on the subject, common sense should be the first thing to kick in. If someone offers you a much lower price than what you want for your beat, then walk away. It’s understandable if you are desperate for money and just want to sell no matter what, but if you are trying to build up your name and reputation, making silly deals will only hurt you in the long run.
Good luck!
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