Selling Beats On Youtube


Youtube has proven to be a great place for producers to find customers over the years, with many people using it as their main source of traffic. Youtube is great because you can create cool videos to hold people’s attention, giving them more than just a play bar to look at. And the more time people spend on your videos, the better they’ll rank, so don’t underestimate the power of creating good visuals

We want you to be able to maximise this sales channel, so we’ve introduced a couple of tricks that’ll help you get the most you can out of it

Sell, Sell, (up)Sell!

HTML Store Share

Sharing individual beats is not a new concept, but we’ve now improved this so your customers will be sent directly to your HTML5 store, and the shared beat jumps to the top of the list and starts playing.

This means your customers can take advantage of your deals and browse your other beats. This is the perfect link for Youtube, as your customers can go from listening to one of your beats to buying four from you!

Click here for a guide to sharing beats

Straight To Cart

If you’re not running any discounts, or just want to take your customer from hearing to buying as soon as possible, then the Share Cart feature is the one for you

This allows you to create a pre-loaded cart and share this with your customers. When they click the link they’ll be taken straight to your store with the beat in the cart, or if you prefer – straight to checkout, so all they have to do is pay! Perfect for snapping up customers before they change their mind

Click here for a guide to sharing your cart

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