Selling Beats Online: The Definitive Guide


New to selling beats online? Not sure what the ‘leasing business‘ is? Or perhaps you just need an information boost to provide that much needed injection to your business.


Thanks to Robin Wesley & Urban Masterclass we’ve got the definitive guide to selling beats online that may just help you turn your passion into a full time career.


What’s covered in the guide:

Beat licensing explained; How does selling beats online work?
How much money can you make from selling beats?
The key metric of your beat selling business.
How to start a high-profit, low-cost beat selling business.
Beats and audio formats
Licensing and pricing
The Email List
Selling beats on YouTube
Using SoundCloud to sell beats
Social Media marketing
Building customer relationships
How to become the type of producer that makes 5-figures a month from selling beats online.
Selling beats using online marketing strategies
The mindset of a music entrepreneur

+ More!


Click here to read the full guide and get your business heading in the right direction.


Thanks to Robin Wesley and Urban Masterclass for sharing this with us. Get in contact with him via Instagram , his Website, or on Facebook.

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Comments (5)

Just read the guide and highly recommend it to any producers that are new or not getting as many sales as they want. It covers all of the important steps to creating a solid beat selling business and marketing yourself online.

This guide looks very interesting for beginner and producers who already started to sell beats online and need some additional help.

As a starter in the realm of selling beats, this guide is exactly the kind of high quality material I need. Thank you aribit and thank you Robin. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Very Interesting guide, filled with a lot of useful tips i love how he breaks down what he earned from 2013 to 2015.

Glad you found it interesting, thanks for checking it out!

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