The #topbeat RoundUp 08/08/16

Taylor King has been making some power moves in the chart recently, so I think a #topbeat called “Power Moves” is quite fitting. With plenty of beats regularly in the top 100, you can be sure to see Taylor King in the RoundUp again in the near future

Next up is AXSTHXTIC with “Ca$hing Out“. He’s been in the top newcomer chart since near-enough his arrival to myFlashStore and a #topbeat was well overdue. This was my favourite of his beats, but I recommend you check the catalogue for more heat like this

This next beat is pure chilled vibes from KayGW & “On Lock“. The music perfectly compliments the atmospheric vocals and will have you in a meditative state of mind in no time at all. If you’re looking for chilled vibes, this is without a doubt the one for you

GrandBeats and “11 07” made it onto our Soundcloud & Youtube Most Popular playlists, as well as the featured spot on Soundcloud. This was found in the “Recent Uploads” section by pure luck, and turns out to be probably the most popular beat of the week!

It’s been a while since we’ve had some dancehall on here, and no one does dancehall like OGE Beats. “Fake Friends Riddim” brings the typical feel-good vibes you’d expect and is a great way to end the RoundUp

GrandBeats holds down the Featured Spot on our Soundcloud account this week

And Grnadbeats, AXSTHXTIC, KayGW and OGE Beats all made it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular

Taylor King makes it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist, accompanied by KayGW and GrandBeats

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