The #topbeat RoundUp 11/07/16

The first beat of the RoundUp comes from SBSHAUN of EverestMG with “Avid“. Quality is top notch with this instrumental, the composition is on point, the beat gets your head moving – I couldn’t say a bad word about this beat if I tried

Next up is Snow God with “Madness“. This instrumental creates some serene imagery with an oh-so-nice melody, coupled with a nice bass-line. If this doesn’t get you in your chill zone, nothing will

In just 4 minutes 3 seconds, Komo Beatz will have you singing “Oh Na Na” for the rest of the day. A very catchy hook compliments this well put together instrumental to make one very nice #topbeat – the second one for Komo

Now it’s time for some chilled vibes, and some super smooth bass with “Used To” by Txmmy. With the super subtle use of the intro vocal, and the atmospheric feel throughout this beat, this is a beat that gets better and better the more you listen to it

The final #topbeat comes from KingCroc Productions with “Ripped“. Something about this instrumental will make you feel invincible – like you’re on top of the world, and that’s not a bad feeling at all..

The featured spot on Soundcloud this week goes to SBSHAUN with Avid

Soundcloud Most Popular – Txmmy

Youtube Most Popular – Txmmy, Komo beatz, Snow God

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