The #topbeat RoundUp 12/09/16

We start the RoundUp with a dark #topbeat – “Terranigma” by Pluqsta. After dipping his toes into the charts, it seems like Pluqsta enjoyed his time there and is now a regular in the top selling producers. With beats like this, expect him to hold the position for a very long time..

Next up is Tantu Beats with “Winter Cold“. From the moment the beat kicks in your head will start nodding, and that’s always a good sign. New to myFlashtore, Tantu heads straight into the charts and claims a #topbeat. Not a bad start at all 

And now a mean sounding beat from Spyder – “Act A Fool“. If you’re looking to get hyped, pumped up, whatever you call it, this is the beat for you. It’s non stop energy from start to finish and will serve you well to put some get-up-and-go in your step

From one energetic beat to another – You gotta love the driving drums in 1st Official’s “By Design“. This beat will just make you wanna getup and do something – anything. And you won’t wanna stop, even when the beat’s done

Some real summer vibes in our final instrumental – “Justice” by The Music Majors. This is what I imagine listening to when I’m dreaming about being on holiday, sitting on the beach having a drink.. Nothing but chill

1st Official and Spyder made it onto both the Soundcloud Most Popular  and Youtube Most Popular playlist this week!

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