The #topbeat RoundUp 16/05/16

For the second week in a row we start with a super chilled instrumental. “Glass” by Masterminds Group will have you feeling like you’re floating through space without a care in the world. And with a beat this peaceful you might not wanna come back to reality..

Rafael Beats’ “Last Time” is just full to the brim with groove. A perfect example of ‘less is more’, this beat hits all the right spots without trying too hard or overdoing it. Great production from a newcomer to the charts!

On to another newcomer now, with Black Lions & “Get Down“. A spacey beat that can suit many moods, play it quietly and get your chill on, or blaze it loud and get pumped up! Either way, you will love this instrumental

From top newcomers to a top selling producer and some Trap, with JGLADMUSIC’s “Galileu“. Almost like a trap beat for the sophisticated mind, you have to patient to really appreciate this beat, and if you are, it’s so very worth it.

SolelyGB is clearly a smart producer. “Blurry” has such a mixture of sounds, all melded together to form one “out -there” beat that works really, really well. Not your average sounding beat, this is a great example of what can happen when you dare to step outside the box

The featured spot on Soundcloud is shared by Black Lions and Rafael Beats for their equally good beats

Rafael Beats also made it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist this week, joined by Masterminds Group, whilst JGLADMUSIC & SolelyGB made it on the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist

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