The #topbeat RoundUp 18/04/16

You gotta love the drums in our first #topbeatNothing But Trouble” by Downtown Music. The hard hitting kicks, the snare rolls in the background.. It all perfectly compliments a great instrumental and second #topbeat for Downtown Music!

Court Street was new into the charts last week, and came in swinging with a #topbeat. “Self Aware” has to be one of the best debut instrumentals I’ve heard on myFlashStore, and if things carry on like this, you can be sure he’ll soon be nearing the top of these charts

R&B maestro Tony Sway gives us our next #topbeat with the oh-so-smooth “Put It Down Like That“. It’s not often we have a guitar solo in our featured beats, but that’s just. how. smooth. this instrumental is

“Oh Uh Uh-Oh” – We’re lifting the vibe a little bit now with the club instrumental “Stay With Me” by Maksym Beats. Another newcomer who clearly has some skills, Maksym Beats has already dipped his toe in the top 100 chart, and could hold a permant spot in the future

Just as this was the perfect beat to end the week with, it is the perfect way to end the RoundUp. Accent Beats’ “Dreams Freestyle” is a tricky one to sum up. It has a feeling of nostalgia to it, whilst feeling both happy and sad at the same time. Perhaps it’s meant to be listened to when reminiscing about an ex…


The featured beat on Soundcloud is owned by Court Street this week, with his great entry “Self Aware”

Maksym Beats and Tony Sway are clearly the popular choices this week, as both of them make it onto our Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, as well as our Youtube Most Popular playlist

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