The #topbeat RoundUp 23/05/16

We begin the RoundUp in energetic fashion with DuganFire’s “Faded“. You can’t help but get pumped up with this beat. From the moment it starts, right up to the end, this beat’ll have you feeling like you can take on the world!

From super energetic to super chilled, it’s CHILLINWITH’s “Runaway With You“. It kicks off with a touching, emotional hook and is complimented nicely by the serene music that accompanies it. Great all round composition

Going up a gear again, it’s FlipTunesMusic with “King“. This instrumental is very well put together, with many elements coming together to form a well rounded beat with a professional sound – definitely worth a listen if you like high quality beats (and who doesn’t)

Our penultimate beat comes from Sounds By COOP, with “Back Again“. I wonder if it’s named this because after hearing it you’ll want to come back again for more. It would certainly fit this beat..

From the ‘tick-tock’ of the clock to the intricate drums, “Vox Humana” by Gold Coast really stands out in the charts due to it’s uniqueness.  And this isn’t the only impressive beat in Gold Coast’s catalogue. If you like this, I strongly recommend you check out the rest.

The featured spot on Soundcloud is occupied by Gold coast this week with that stand-out instrumental

Sounds By Coop and FlipTunesMusic are the only producers to make it ont the Soundcloud Most Popular  playlist, as no one makes it onto the Youtube Most Popular this week

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