The #topbeat RoundUp 25/04/16

Damn, this first instrumental is nice. Yondo’s “Thnkn” is overflowing with class and good vibes. What else could you want from the first beat in the RoundUp? This beat just doesn’t get old, no matter how much you listen to it, and if you’re like me, you’ll listen to it a lot

Now for something epic from Adrian Adonis, with “Via, Veritas, Vita“. His last #topbeat was pretty epic, and this one raises the bar even further. I look forward to seeing Adrian Adonis trying to outdo this with the next one! (Which I’m sure there will be)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a dancehall #topbeat, but ProdbyLTTB’s “Complicated” was worth the wait. This already sounds like it could be a hit, and it doesn’t even have vocals over it (although I’m sure there will be soon, as someone is bound to snap this up)

Our penultimate beat comes from Michael Olutu (a.k.a Snowbeats) with “Solo“. It begins sounding like it came out of space with some cool sounds thrown into the mix, and the mysterious, chilled vibe continues throughout and will keep you engaged right to the very last second. A great first entry from this #topnewcomer!

Let’s all hope that Nero Beats’ “Last Beat” isn’t actually his last beat, otherwise we’ll all be missing out. (I’m sure it’s not his last). You gotta love the old-timey horns in this instrumental, adding some real feeling to a nice, laid back beat. Great way end the RoundUp

Yondo takes the featured spot on Soundcloud, as well as entering the Youtube Most Popular playlist, accompanied by ProdbyLTTB. ProdbyLttb also makes it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist with Nero Beats!

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