The #topbeat RoundUp 25/07/16

This week’s RoundUp start with the super chilled “Inhale” by Breezy. Make sure you’re sitting in a comfy seat when you listen to this one – the temptation to drift away with this on is all too real

On of our top selling producers from last week – Gummy Beatz is up next, with “Taped Up“. This hip hop beat has an air of mystery to it, coupled with some great production skills that will keep you nodding along even after it’s finished

Fancy some Spanish guitar? Well here you go. Gradozero gives us the chilled #topbeatTill The End Of The Way“. Still a newcomer to myFlashStore, Gradozero shows he got what it takes to set himself apart from the rest with this instrumental

Now it’s time to let your emotional side out, with Manny Made’s “Alone“. Manny has done a great job creating an equally emotional beat to match the tone of the vocal. If you’re feeling down already, give this one a miss as it’ll only pull on those heart strings..

And so, we end the RoundUp with another top selling producer from last week – it’s KadoOnTheTrack’s “Down“. Having only signed up in March, Kado managed to bypass the top newcomer’s and go straight to the top seller’s chart, so you know he’s got some serious skills!

The featured spot this week is owned  by Manny Made

Gummy Beatz is the only producer from the RoundUp to make it onto our Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, whilst Manny Made and Breezy both  enter the Youtube Most Popular list for last week

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