The #topbeat RoundUp 27/06/16

Well, after a few weeks off, the #topbeat is back! Which means so is the RoundUp. So let’s get straight to it

The perfect beat to come back with, we kick off with OmniBeats & “Old School” w/Hook. This instrumental is so upbeat and fun to listen to,you can stick it on repeat and not get bored. It’s the first Pop beat we’ve featured, and could just start a trend if they’re all like this

Now it’s time for some truly peaceful vibes, with “Colors” by Omito. This beat is relaxation incarnate, and will take your mind away to wherever your peaceful place is for the entire 4 minutes and 45 seconds. Had a long day? Stick this on. In a bad mood? Stick this on. Just want to drift away? You know what to do..

Top newcomer Jay Stacks has been sat in the charts for some time now, so the choice for #topbeat a no brainer. The only question was which one? “Chocolate Kush” was the choice, and it could’ve been any one of them – check out the full catalogue and you’ll see exactly why he’s set up camp in the charts!

Ditty Beatz chose the perfect name for our last #topbeat – “Nightmare“. This is exactly the type of instrumental I’d expect to be hearing if nightmares had a soundtrack. New to the site and new in the charts, It seems like Ditty Beatz means business

The featured spot on the Soundcloud channel goes to the ridiculously upbeat and fun “Old School”

OmniBeats is also the only person to make it onto our Soundcloud Most Popular playlist

He also enters our Youtube Most Popular playlist, this time joined by Omito, and Jay Stacks

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