The #topbeat RoundUp 29/08/16

Want to feel like you’re on a beach on a desert island? “Maui” by MKSB is the instrumental from for you. It has a chilled vibe but also makes me wanna party at the same time, and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you

JBeatz is bringing jazz to the forefront with this classy, saxophone-laden beat  “Paramount“. Get yourself an overly priced drink, pop a cigar and sit back and feel like a right gentleman whilst you listen to this suave instrumental

We’re finding some real good instrumentals in our Recent Uploads, and “On L. Street” by Beats of Saturn doesn’t break the trend. My favourite bit is the super cool part roundabout 1:37 – give it a listen and see for yourself

Your head will start to nod the moment “Come & Go” starts. Ill Instrumentals keeps it simple, with only a few instruments, and still manages to make you feel like it’s the middle of summer with this good-time-feely beat

We end with the darkest beat of the RoundUp – “International” by Darian May aka Swayzee. A newcomer to myFlashStore, Darian is already in the charts and already has a #topbeat. Not bad at all..

The Featured Spot on Soundcloud is shared this week by JBeatz and Beats of Saturn

Darian May and Ill Instrmentals both made it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist. Whilst MKSB, JBeatz and Ill Instrumentals enter the Youtube Most Popular playlist

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