Using Inbound Marketing To Sell Beats

Depending on how much research you’ve done into marketing you may have heard the term Inbound Marketing. If that’s the case then you may have also wondered what it is and why it’s different to traditional marketing

Put simply, inbound marketing is everything you do that attracts visitors to you without invading their space, saying “hey, come visit my site”. It’s non-interruptive, which you may’ve guessed, means you don’t interrupt their day just to advertise to them. So compare this to traditional marketing, which involves things like TV/radio ads, banner ads, email blasts, anything that involves you actively seeking out the customer – it is interruptive, as you’re intruding  on their day-to-day activities

Inbound has been a natural evolution of marketing, as people grow more and more annoyed with advertising, and a lot less likely to pay attention to it. People want to be able to find what they want, when they want – not to have it pushed on them when they’re not looking for it. Check out the screenshot below from this post if you don’t believe me


Create Content To Attract Visitors

Inbound is made up primarily of your content. This can be your blog posts, your videos, a news feed, anything that is delivering your message to your visitors. This even includes your beats! These are the things that will attract new visitors to your site, increase your SEO and eventually convert these visitors to paying customers

I mentioned in my last post how important it is to understand your customer’s needs. This will help you hugely when creating your content. If you’re struggling to think of something to create – be it a blog post, a helpful video, etc., finding out what your customers are looking for/interested in will give you a great idea of what to base your content around

Remember you’re not only focusing on artists & rappers. If you sell your own drum kits, sample packs, informative eBooks, anything that other producers will find valuable, you’ll want to attract them to your site using you content and your inbound marketing strategy. Once again, they’ll come to your site to read your blog or watch your behind the scenes video, and somewhere down the line may end up buying one of your kits – which they may never have known about if they didn’t run that search for “How do I get the best sound out of my studio”

This doesn’t mean you can create a blog post then sit back and wait for the visitors to come in their thousands. You still need to promote it. And that’s where your email lists, Twitter, Facebook and everything else comes into play. Once you promote your content, people will begin sharing it for you (provided it’s quality content) the number of visitors/viewers will creep up, then it will rise in search engine rankings so that video or blog you posted months ago will be getting views without you having to promote it anymore. But you do have to put the work in to begin with!


If you’ve been following these blogs you’ll start to notice that every singular strategy compliments at least one other strategy and they all end up working together. For example:

Your content is the cornerstone of your inbound marketing strategy. However, people won’t find your content without you advertising it. This can be done through your social networks, paid advertising and other methods mentioned previously. Now that you’ve created your content, this will help with your SEO, increasing the number of visitors to your website. It also means you have something to email your subscribers, other than just pushing your beats. AND it will install trust, as people begin to value what you have to say/show, which will help with your relationship building

And that’s just one example, so imagine how successful you can be just by doing little bits everyday, which will build a whole network of marketing strategies that will be working for you!


Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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