Using YouTube Will Help You Sell More Beats

YouTube is popular. Everyone in the world that has been online, has been to YouTube at one point or another, and that’s because the site is insanely addictive. From funny cats to music production tutorials, you can find whatever you want on there. And it’s addictive. Did I mention that?
With all of the different ways that you can promote your music and your brand, what better way to do so by using YouTube?

Make Your Own Music Video
Normally, beatmakers will take a beat that they’ve made, mix it down, and then upload it to the Marketplace to try and make money off of it. That’s a great way of going about selling beats, but you can also change things up by taking it a step further and making your own music video.
Not all of you are proficient in making videos (I’m not), but there are plenty of programs out there that are really easy to understand, and even have templates to get you started. Then you can go to YouTube and find a tutorial on how to use that program!
You can go about this a few different ways, like making an actual music video where you record footage of whatever it is you want, and then add your music to the video. Boom – instant success.
You can also do what some beatmakers are already doing, and that’s just using still images in their videos. This is the easiest way of doing it since you don’t have to have actual video footage, as some of you might not have a video camera (although you could use your cell phone’s camera to capture video).
The Benefits
This is where things get interesting. If you have your own video with your music on top, it’s a great way to promote not just your music, but you and your brand – and make money.
First of all, the entire reason for making your own video is so that you can upload it to YouTube, where everyone in the world will be able to see it, and share it as well. YouTube makes it really easy to share videos and comment on them as well, so right there, having a video is a very good promotional tool.
Second, use your imagination! I mentioned that you can use video footage or still images, but why not take that opportunity to promote yourself via pictures or video? For example, you could have still images that have text with your website’s URL on it, plus your name, and some information about yourself.
Third, you can make money from these videos. If you haven’t used Google’s Adsense, then you should. And they make it easy for you to integrate theirs ads into your YouTube videos – all you have to do is set it in the options on YouTube.
So with this in mind, it makes perfect sense as to why you would make videos based around your beats. I was looking for a graph to show you how popular YouTube is, but there really is no need for a graph since everyone knows YouTube is the place to be. You can also use a site like Vimeo strictly for promotional purposes, but YouTube is the king of going viral, gaining fans, and making some money along the way.
The way it works today is that most beatmakers and producers post links to their SoundCloud page when they want to push one of their latest beats out to the world, but why not YouTube? You can have your own YouTube channel with an introduction video, then all your other videos based around your beats, all the while capitalizing off the popularity of YouTube by making money through Adsense.

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