The following is a quick-list of the types of websites you would have your myFlashStore player hosted and embedded on.

Recording Resources – These types of websites sub-target artists that are recording (their vocals) into songs (with your beats)!

Mixtape Websites – A mixtape website will have both fans/listeners as well as other (mixtape) artists who are actively researching and keeping an ear out on what is new (usually for competitive/innovation purposes).

Music Blogs – Though many Music blogs will add and embed music in a site-standard method with their own players and other media format, you’ll have a unique advantage by having a dynamic (store) player embedded for your feature on the blog and you can easily generate sales directly from the blog traffic with your Cart/Buy Now button on your myFlashStore player. This is where you’ll also want to have a Blog Bio always handy when sending out Marketing and Promotional email to blogs around the web that you’d like to be featured on.

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