When it was announced the other week that Propellerhead was going to release Reason 8, it got me thinking. “How will this change the way people produce music?”, is one of the questions I pondered, and it’s something that you should consider as well.
I am not writing this article to solely promote Reason 8, but rather to get producers like you to take a DAW like this seriously – because it’s the wave of the future. A lot of producers and beatmakers are using Pro Tools and probably even more are using Ableton Live, but Reason has been around for years, and version 8 is looking to be the next big thing, and it will definitely change the way you produce your music.

1. It Makes It Easy To Be Creative
The first time I used Reason, it was a long time ago, probably version 2 (yeah, that long ago!), and even back then it was great. For a lot of producers back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Cakewalk and Cubase were the way to go. Now don’t get me wrong – those are great DAWs, but they are basically multitracks with plugins added in. I still use Cakewalk Sonar as my main DAW, and I love it, but every time I look at Reason, I want to jump in and create something.
With a regular multitrack DAW, it’s great for recording and mixing. With Reason, it just seems like it’s meant for those that want to get really creative. Kind of like how Native Instruments put together Maschine.
2. You Can Take Your Laptop On The Road And Make Beats
Most of us still have a home based desktop where we do all of our work because we’re constantly in the studio making beats. However, if you want to change things up a bit then you can grab your laptop (if you have one) and get busy with that instead.
I don’t recommend you make beats on the beach (think of all the sand), but you get the idea. When I was on the road a few years back I had my laptop with me so I could get some work done (non-music work), but I thought to myself that it would be awesome if I had a DAW on here so I can make some music.
Reason seems to me like it’s perfect for that kind of scenario.
3. You Can Bring Your Laptop To The Studio
Just like travelling, having a laptop with Reason on it (or any DAW) is ideal if you are going to be visiting a recording studio to either record or mix down some tracks. Most studios are well equipped with all of the latest software and hardware, and once you tell them what setup you will need, they will more than likely be able to accommodate you, but you never know.
Even if a studio is set up with your favorite DAW, it might not be set up the way you like it. Or maybe you just feel comfortable having everything on your laptop, rather than the studio’s. Think of it as if you’re a DJ: would you want to scratch on your turntables or someone else’s? I didn’t think so!
4. It Changes Your Workflow
Just like I have raved many times about how great Maschine is for my workflow, the same can be said for a DAW. I have tried many of them, from Cubase to Ableton, and then onto Pro Tools, but I always come back to Sonar. There is just something about it that I like, and it’s probably the workflow.
The same can be said for Reason. The workflow is great on it because you have everything right there in front of you, and being able to hit the Tab key and switch to the rear of the mixer is fun! Reason makes you feel like you’re in an actual studio because you have racks of gear right there and you can re-route it whichever way you like.
5. It’s Fun Compared To Setups From Years Past
I have been there, done that. I have seen studios that had racks of ADAT machines, 96 track boards, and effects racks all over the place.
That was years ago.
And years before that, it was even worse.
But today it’s much more fun to produce music and make beats because of software like Reason. That is why it’s so popular – it’s fun. Instead of sitting there in your studio trying to find the right cable to plug into a giant patchbay, you don’t have to worry about that. Now it’s much more streamlined and the software is made to be virtually idiot-proof.
So the next time you start to get frustrated because a certain plugin is not loading, or you need to update your DAW, don’t feel so bad – just think about those studios from years back. 🙂