What’s going on music producers, let’s talk about 5 useful mobile apps that could help you in your beat leasing business. 

Music producers, I got 5 useful apps, that I’ve been using for some time now, as I have introduced myself to the leasing business about, now about 5 years ago and you know I am so thankful to be living today in 2018, I’m so thankful to have all the things that I have available to me, right here on my mobile device. That being said, I wanna actually read off a few apps and explain to you what every single app does that actually helps me in my beat leasing business.

Now, the first app is probably an obvious one, you gotta have your PayPal app. One of the most helpful things for me as I start to look at you know, how my sales are doing, or look at where my customers are coming from, that PayPal app is everything. Even when it comes to using it as a bank account, I sometimes use it as a bank account. I have a PayPal Mastercard that I use as a bank account, but having it on your phone, allows you to do things, like say if you go to a studio session and a rapper pays you the beat with actual cash, you can go to a 7/11, have them scan the code that comes on it when you add money through the app and the money will go automatically straight to your PayPal account, right? So, you just give them the money, then you know, it uploads straight to your PayPal, it’s freaking amazing. But that’s why I use the PayPal app.

Another reason why I use the PayPal is just to see how my spending is going, just to see how, you know, how often my transactions are coming in. Also, I just like to see PayPal notifications on my phone, it just happens to make me very excited, I’m like ohh more PayPal.

Second one I wanna talk about is OfferUp. Maybe you’ve heard about it, I hope you’ve heard about it, but especially for music producers on a budget, you’re looking for equipment, maybe you’re looking for an opportunity to upgrade your midi controller, maybe you’re looking for a midi controller, maybe you’re looking for a cheaper alternative for a laptop. Maybe you’re looking for you know, an external monitor, go to offer up. Offer up has it all, studio monitors. I’ve done deals with people on there, many a times, and I’ve got the equipment that I need to get, especially if it’s temporary, say like, you know it’s you know, the holiday season and you came up on some money and you don’t really wanna but new, go there and go get yourself some used stuff. Going there could be very helpful for you.

The third thing, Hootsuite. Now, for those of you who, you know, maybe you work a 9-5, maybe you don’t always have the time to be on social media, maybe you’re a student. Get Hootsuite, Hootsuite allows you to time your tweets out, by the week, by the month, by the year, you know, if you wanna have tweets going out automatically on a regular basis, get yourself a Hootsuite account.

Now, the number 4 app that I think you should be taking access to is Garage Band/FL Studio IL Remote. Now, garage band is obviously on the apple devices and it comes in very handy when I have a piano melody in my head or a melody that, I don’t have my computer in front of me, but I at least can lay that down and record it, then see the keys that I play and then transfer that over to FL studio. However, if you do have an android or you have FL studio IL remote is so amazing because you know, you literally can be on the phone with somebody and say you’re working on a beat and somebody stops your process, you could be sitting down, and literally from your phone, be pressing the snare and all that good stuff. Matter of fact, lemme see if I can do it right now. And just like so.

And music producers, the very last app I wanna talk to you about is the BPM app. Now, they’re times where, you know, I kinda wanna get a temperature on the beats that people are listening to. Because likely those are the ones that artists are gonna wanna buy, cause they’re listening to the same music we’re listening to. That being said. Something I like to do is get the BPM app and just tap when I’m listening to a beat. Having that handy, is something that you’re gonna need to have access to, because you wanna keep an eye out for the BPMs that people are moving to, the BPMs that people are likely to buy from you. That’s what I think could be extremely helpful to you as you start to think about your creative process. 

Those are 5 useful apps that you could start using today. Do not sleep on these on your mobile devices, producers. 

Once again, this is Curtiss King of airbit.com. Have a good one. 

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