Catchy title, isn’t it? I know you’re reading this because you want to sell more beats and you want to make more money, so it’s essential that you try different tactics regularly. What most beatmakers tend to do is create a profile on various social websites then spam all over the place, trying to get people to listen to their beats. This is wrong. Over the past decade or so, I’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to beats. The one thing that is still consistent is spam, and it never works. There are many other ways you can promote your beats, like these five:

1. Word Of Mouth

Just talk to people. With today’s digital age and the whole internet thing, more and more of you are not even talking to one another, instead you’re relying on text to communicate. It’s great that you can meet tons of people from all over the world and push your beats to them, but nothing beats good ‘ol word of mouth.

So how do you go about it? It’s actually quite simple because all you have to do is let people know about you and your beats. It could be anyone in your family, your friends, your co-workers, and everyone in between. Spreading the word that way about your beats, to me, seems like the much better way to promote, rather than online, because those are people that will probably really care about you and your music, instead of anonymous nobodies online.

2. Social Websites

If word of mouth is not your thing, or if you live in the middle of nowhere and the closest thing you have to a music store sells nothing but banjos in it, then maybe social websites is a better option for you.

You’re already online and you have tons of places where you can promote. The most obvious ones are Twitter and Facebook, but there’s also SoundCloud as well. I know a lot of you probably only use SoundCloud to upload your beats and then link to them, but you can socialize on there too. I’ve always looked at SoundCloud as the Facebook of recordings, in a sense.

By establishing an online presence for yourself and your music, you’re opening yourself up to the world, and anything can happen. I’ve seen guys that made beats in their bedroom become popular across the web, others got picked up and sponsored by well known music equipment companies, and now make a living just doing music!

All of them were able to accomplish this because they were making moves online. What you have to remember about social websites is that it’s not all about you. Yes, you’re trying to promote your beats, but just don’t be so obvious. There are a million other people out there doing the same thing, “Yo check out this hot new beat I put together!”, simply won’t cut it anymore. You have to use social websites as a way to actually connect to other people, just as you would if you did so through word of mouth.

For example, as I’ve mentioned in past articles, don’t just promote your beats, promote YOU. Build yourself up as a brand, this way people will relate better to that, instead of just being a “beatmaker” that makes beats, and promotes his beats all over his Facebook page. If instead you had an actual online presence, it will easily set you apart from the rest. Think big, don’t think just beats.

3. Forums & Communities

This one is something that’s been lacking over the past few years because of social websites like Twitter and Facebook. There’s no denying that forums used to be THE big thing a few years back, and everyone at one point or another had joined a forum in order to interact with other people that made beats. What’s happened over the last while is that the social media websites have pushed the forums and communities out of the picture, and it’s a real shame.

As I mentioned, it’s not just about you and your beats. If you remember that, then you can join any forum out there and start interacting with other beatmakers. The benefit of this, is that you’ll be joined by hundreds and thousands of others like you, that are there to make beats, hang out, chat, and just make friends with people that share the same interest as them, which in this case, is making beats.

There are still a good amount of forums out there that you can join up, and as long as you post regularly, you will start to get to know the other members, and then you’ll be comfortable enough to post your beats and get some feedback. Don’t just go onto these forums and have your first post as, “Yo check out this hot beat I just did”. Spam!

Here are a few forums you could check out:
IllMuzik 🙂
There are more, but I don’t really care for the others. The reason is because some of the forums are not that good, or are filled with childish children that just want to act out.

4. Selling Your Beats

You may not have realized it, but by selling your beats right here on MyFlashStore, you’re already promoting your beats! There are lots of people that are browsing this site and looking for beats. Even if those people don’t buy your beats, they might still see your page, and even listen to your beats, and they might remember you later on.

By selling your beats, you’re also building up your brand of beats. Over time, you will have built a decent catalog of beats, which you can use as a way to promote yourself, using points #1, 2, 3. Think of it as a resume. Cool, huh?

5. Old School

This one is closely related to #1 because you’re taking it to the streets and promoting your beats there. As I mentioned, don’t just promote your beats, promote you and your brand. You could:
Make t-shirts
Hand out business cards
Make flyers and stickers, and put them all over
Put your beats on a CD or flash drive and hand them out

Any of these tactics will work because you’re not doing what others are doing, and you’re thinking outside the box. No matter which technique you use, you have to hustle, hustle, hustle! Making beats is the easy part, promoting them and getting the word out is what will set you apart. Good luck!