You make beats every day and you’re very good at what you do. Your music is dope and you have the talent to piece together nothing short of a piece of art. You work hard and network with all the right people. You put all of that together and post your beats for sale online. No one is buying your beats. Why is that?

1. You Don’t Have Enough Beats

Especially for beginners, this is probably the number one reason why they’re not selling any beats. Some people might tell you to post all of your beats up for sale, others might tell you to post 40, 50, or 60 beats. For most buyers, when they see a producer that has dozens of beats for sale, it gives off the impression that they know what they’re doing and they have a solid reputation.

The reason is because the buyer is looking at the quantity. Think about a Hollywood actor and look at his or her movie credits. If it’s a long list, it gives you the impression that this actor is good because, hey, look at all the movies they’ve been in! They must be good, otherwise no one would be hiring them.

Solution: Have at least 20 beats for sale. Any less and you risk having your profile not look “accomplished” enough.

2. You Sound Like Everyone Else

It’s tough to make beats and sound unique because most of the time we base our music on other music that we’ve been influenced by. For example, there was a beat maker I knew that made beats that sounded just like DJ Premier’s. There were times where you’d swear the beat was made by Premier, when in fact it was someone else.

It’s nice to try and emulate another producer, but to a point. Use their music as a starting point, but make it your own. It’s easy to make beats if you’re trying to sound like someone else, or better yet, if you’re trying to fit a certain genre.

Solution: Do you. Just make music! Forget about what your beats are supposed to sound like, and don’t worry if people will like it or not. Just sit down in your studio and see what happens.

3. You’re Not Promoting Yourself Enough

I have written many articles on how to promote yourself, from having an online presence, to splashing up posters with a street team. I understand that no matter what promotional tactics you use, they may not just work out. It could be that you’re just not promoting yourself enough.

Solution: If you’re passing out business cards, then pass out more. If you network with people on Facebook, then try Twitter too. I know that it sucks and takes time away from the studio, but it’s a necessarily evil.

4. You’re Trying Too Hard

The best way to make beats is to just make beats. The worst way to make beats is to do it with money on your mind. You could be trying too hard to sell your beats, and as a result, you’re not selling any.

Solution: Ease back and take your time. There’s no need to rush to make a certain amount of beats by a certain date, or to make beats that sound a certain way – all to make more money. If you make beats that (I know it sounds cliche) come from the heart, then they will sell.

5. Your Beats Just Aren’t Good Enough

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s very possible that your beats just aren’t good enough yet. When I was about two years into my beatmaking journey, I thought my beats were dope. I knew they weren’t amazing and nowhere near Pete Rock status, but I thought they were at least good. I was wrong. When I look back today at the beats I did back then, they just plain ‘ol sucked! Yes, my beats sucked. And it’s possible that yours do too.

There’s no shame in admitting that your beats aren’t worthy of someone’s hard-earned money, because at least you’ve acknowledged that your music needs improvement, which will push you to work harder in the lab.

Solution: Hard work.

6. You Have Bad Luck

Some people have always said that those who blame their problems on bad luck are just making excuses. I think those people are full of it. I strongly believe that it’s possible to just have straight up bad luck. I’ve had numerous health problems over the years and I don’t think it’s that I have a weak immune system, nope. I believe that I just have a string of bad luck. How else can I explain breaking my ankle twice, as well as dislocating my spine, pinched nerves, and intestine problems? Bad luck.

Solution: Pray to God and shake your fist at the heavens.