The First ever Airbit Academy Music Producer Retreat was designed to provide producers from around the world the chance to meet up and learn, share ideas and collaborate. And the result was far better than anyone could’ve envisioned.

It was 5 days dedicated to music production, set in a rural mansion in the english countryside, away from the hustle & bustle of every day life. This gave producers a chance to clear their minds of any distractions and focus on soaking up all the knowledge and experiences the Retreat had to offer.

From day one the vibe was overwhelmingly positive, and everyone got on as if they’d been best friends for years. Many of our American brothers & sisters had a long overnight journey, but the excitement of getting the retreat underway (plus a few strategic naps in Heathrow airport) meant that tiredness was not a factor, and everyone was raring to go.

Role Call


We had 9 attendees to the inaugural Airbit Academy Music Producer Retreat, representing 5 different countries:

Crown Suave, Vegxs, SaySomthin, Sandy Beats, 1st Official, Joe Grain, Belzar, Andro, Rosser Records

Countries present: Bulgaria, USA, France, Switzerland, England



Our 5 mentors were DopeBoyzMuzic from Germany, Tone Jonez from Atlanta, USA, CurtissKing, joining us as a guest speaker, and Airbit CEO Wasim Khamlichi.




Craft & Musicianship

The first Masterclass of the retreat was held by Tone Jonez, as we got an insight into the beat-making process of a musical genius. The class got to see a beat made from scratch, learn about ‘Specials’, creating & using skeletons, and the importance of never deleting your work, no matter how bad you think it is. Seriously.


Mixing & Mastering

Getting a glimpse into the mind of DopeBoyzMuzic’s Alessandro and how he approaches mixing & mastering was something else. His ability to hear things no-one else can is uncanny, and the minute changes he makes that make you go “ohhh yeeaahh, that’s much better” will never cease to amaze you.


Behind The Beat (Sound Design)

It was mind blowing to see what Tone Jonez can do with pretty much any sound you give him. (If you’re not following him on Instagram already, I recommend you do so now, and watch him make beats out of zoo noises, washing machines, cars and more). And in this Masterclass we watched as Tone Jonez turned every sound we could throw at him into a beat. Whether it was a can opening (below) to people screaming, or hitting things – it didn’t matter, Jonez could make use of it all.

After the Masterclass, to put the Airbit Academy attendees to the test, we tasked them with finding their own sounds to sample from around the mansion and its grounds, and use those to make a beat. The samples ranged from a bell to a volleyball, ping pong balls, tape being pulled, and there was even a toilet flush snuck in there.


Entrepreneurial Mindset

Curtiss King was kind enough to drop in via Skype and share his knowledge on having the right mindset, and living life as an entrepreneur. Curtiss dished out life lessons and offered a different view on the successful entrepreneurial life – one that’s not solely centered around the business. After all, how can you run a business if your life is a mess? The attendees were somewhat familiar with Curtiss, having followed his career online already, and were eager to pick his brain.


Marketing and Branding

DopeBoyz’ Tomasso continues the business side of the Retreat, providing a Masterclass on different Marketing & Branding, and how to really take your business from a few sales here & there to consistently selling every week.

This talk covered everything from how to rank on YouTube, how to use Instagram to find customers and sell beats, getting the best out of Soundclick, how to effectively use e-mail marketing and more.


Online Beat Selling

The final Masterclass was held by Airbit founder & CEO Wasim. This was a chance for our attendees to learn all about the online leasing business, as well as how to use Airbit itself. Wasim introduced the class to the finer details of the leasing business including the differences between Exclusive and Non-Exclusive licenses, how to setup your licenses for your business and more. 



One of the main purposes of the retreat – aside from learning from the best producers around – was to bring together people from all over the world to share ideas and create insanely good beats. And boy did these guys deliver.

Everyone brought their own flavour to each session and you could really tell who’s input was on each track. From Nick’s chilled guitar vibe, to Vegxs’ out of this world 808s (earning him the nickname Mr. Crazy 808), Andro bringing his European pop style into the mix and more. It’s safe to say that even the mentors came away learning a few tricks & ideas from the students!

All the attendees had a chance to make beats with the mentors, and of course our mentors couldn’t miss the opportunity to come together and collab on some beats of their own. Check what happens when you get 3 of the best producers on Airbit in one room!


Listen to Tornado

Listen to This or That

Listen to Golden Era

Listen to Smile

Listen to After Party

Listen to Booty Call

After setting a beat making task for the attendees each day (one of our favs was taking the acapella of Michael’s Dapa’s Man’s Not Hot and turning that into a song – with the standout song being a piece of comical genius), the night ended with the producers showcasing their beats from the collab sessions. With everyone gelling and learning eachother’s style, the beats just got crazier & crazier each night. To find out what I mean, check this out.

SAE Panel

And of course, the only way to end such an amazing week was by hosting an Online Beat Selling Panel at SAE London, in partnership with SAE & Instrosonly. SAE is the college that Airbit CEO Wasim attended in his younger days, and we were all to happy to be back there.

We began with a producer feedback session, with our 3 mentors and InstrosOnly’s Pino checking out some SAE student’s beats and giving advice on how to turn a good beat into a great one. The students took on board all that was said and definitely learned a lot from the pros.


And the final event in what had been a great, yet hard-working week was the panel, in which an audience of would-be entrepreneurs got to pick the minds of those who they hope to emulate. DopeBoyz, Tone Jonez, Wasim & Pino all took to the limelight to share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs.


And there ends the first ever Airbit Academy Music Producer Retreat! We wish all our attendees the best of luck in the future, and we can’t thank them enough for putting their faith in us to deliver a life changing experience.

We can’t say thanks without mentioning our mentors – DopeBoyzMuzic, Tone Jonez & Curtiss King, our sponsor and panel hosts SAE Institute and Instrosonly’s Pino – without them, none of this would have been possible and we will be forever grateful for the effort everyone put in to make this retreat a success!

Bring on the next one!

This has been THE best experience of my life’ – Say Somethin

‘I’m definitely not going to go back the same person – definitely not’ – Belzar

‘This is something I’ll never forget’ – Crown Suave

‘This is one of the best experiences I’ve had as a producer. It feels like a once in a lifetime experience’ – 1st Official