Extending the #AirbitPlaylist Contest!

EXTENSION! Y’all have made such 🔥 playlists, we want to keep things rolling. The new date to create your #AirbitPlaylist and be entered to win, is Monday, June 14. Winners will be announced Friday, June 18. Entrants must follow ALL STEPS, including following five other playlists. (Keep reading for how to find the other #AirbitPlaylist submissions to follow.)

It’s contest time! In our efforts to help both producers and artists succeed, we’ve created Airbit Playlists. To be sure we’re connecting the right people–producers with artists, artists with producers–we’re launching a playlisting contest. We’ve got some great prizes for the Airbit users who create the dopest playlists. Here’s how it works:

• Go to Airbit.com and create a playlist!
• Playlists should be labeled “AirbitPlaylist – Creator Name” (ie, AirbitPlaylist – Sikwitit)
• Playlists need to be created by June 14
• Winners will be announced on June 18

To enter you must:
• Make an #AirbitPlaylist (labeled correctly, per above)
• Follow 5 other playlists
(To find other eligible playlists to follow, enter “AirbitPlaylist” into the search bar.)
• Share your favorite playlist to Twitter with the hashtag #AirbitPlaylist

• Don’t just use your own beats! The goal is to incorporate and connect producers–so search for others’ beats you really love, and put together a playlist that showcases THEM.

Airbit will choose 6 total winners:
• 1 winner will become a featured playlist
• 5 winners will be shared to Airbit social
• The most followed playlist wins a one-year Platinum account or a Marketplace credit of $100

Now, get yourself to Airbit.com and start adding your favorite bangers to your #AirbitPlaylist! 🎧🎧🎧

For inspiration, check out the playlist that Airbit advisor and multi Grammy-award winning producer Symbolyc One made: S1’s Bops.

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