WLPWR and Brian Onrea chat with the king of the sample pack game – Audio Anthem – in episode 113 of the Free Game Producer Podcast!

Topics discussed include:

  • Working with dave east, araabMUZIK on “Need a Sign”
  • Using his natural ability to recreate sounds & feelings to build a business
  • How he went from creating his first sound pack to 30 strong
  • Treating the sample pack business as a real job, creating a daily routine and being disciplined
  • The difference between keeping his packs more exclusive vs. mass distribution on 3rd party Marketplaces
  • Building professional relationships through his sound kits
  • Making beats for Bobby Sessions
  • Sharing knowledge, having respect in a tight-knit sound pack community
  • The importance of branding and using artwork to build an idea of the sound each kit brings
  • Adapting your business model as your reputation increases
  • How to stand out in a packed field of producers
  • Anthem’s sample pack business The Crate League

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