SEO Tips

You’re an online beat maker, therefore you have a site where you showcase your product for consumers to buy. Whether it be soundclick, myflashstore or your own personal web page–optimizing it for search engines is the key to getting more traffic and more traffic equals more sells. Assuming that you already have the “On Page” optimization looking good with information and keywords describing your site in no less than 250 words, that’s just the tip of the SEO iceberg. Off page search engine optimization is the bread and butter to getting your page ranked high and overflowing with traffic. Things such as Forum marketing, article marketing, blogging etc, they’re all forms of one way links and that’s the most important factor to your site’s success.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is just a fancy word for popularity contest. The more people that recommend you for a certain keyword, the higher your search engine positions will be. For example, if someone Google the term hip hop beats and you only have 100 sites saying that’s what you have but your competition has 5,000 then he will get all your traffic because he’s more popular than you. It’s sad but true. Just think about all the money and prospects you’re losing every single day. However there is no magic formula that will sky rocket you up the search engine listings but there’s a formula you can use to speed up the process.

The One Way Link Formula

The formula is simple–have a high quality, well managed, user friendly information rich site and be proactive everywhere you go. Doing those two things will build up your one way links exponentially. Webmasters will link to your site because you offer valuable information that will benefit their viewers. Being proactive everywhere you go means participating in everything that has to do with music and leaving your link along with valuable information that contributes to the site(Forums, Blogs etc). Webmasters will also place your information from those sites on theirs thus giving you another one way link. Before you know it, you will have thousands of one way links and your site will get more traffic as a result of better rankings and more traffic means more sells. You can find out who links to you by just simply Googling your domain name–if you’ve been proactive all around the internet it’ll surprise you how many one way links you already have.