A lot of producers ask me why they are not making any beat sales. To be honest, I don’t know the answer to that question; all I know for sure is that they are not trying hard enough to market themselves. A few messages to a members on Facebook is not good enough, the key to marketing is doing anything and everything you can to build a relationship with customers that will result in sales.

Do you ever wonder why the top producers on myFlashStore are at the top of the charts? Do you think it’s because their beats are better than yours?

Probably not, there are a lot of hot producers who are struggling to make sales, so that’s not the problem.

Do you think it’s because they sell their beats cheaper than you?

That’s definitely not the case, the top selling producer on myFlashStore, Jaywan Inc, sells his beats for $75-$600 per lease, probably at the upper price limit of producers on myFlashStore.

So why do the top selling producers continue to stay on top? Well it’s simple; they have mastered the art of building relationships with customers and marketing their beats by any means necessary. There’s also a reason why big producers like Timbaland and Dr. Dre can charge $500,000 a beat, not because their beats are 500,000 times better than everybody else’s, but because they have built a very good name for themselves and constructed valuable relationships with people who see the value of their beats, and there’s no reason why you can’t do that too.

There is an abundance of money in this world and there are always rappers who want to buy beats. This year alone, myFlashStore producers earned $550,000 from their beat sales, that’s a staggering amount, which just shows how much money is spent in this industry. And that amount is just on one website, think about all the other places that rappers buy beats, millions is spent every year!

So if you’re not making sales, the only reason is that you are not doing enough to market yourself or you are not marketing yourself in the best way possible. If you were to only follow the advice in our newsletter, to the absolute best of your ability, then you will be making sales, absolutely no question about it. How do I know this? Because I am only sharing the knowledge I have about selling beats, and it works for me and has been working ever since I started selling my beats.

Many producers are willing to share their knowledge about how they market their beats, you just have to look around and not only listen to their advice, but you must put it into action. It’s not easy by any means, but nothing ever worth having comes easy.

So stop complaining and blaming everything else around you, because the only person that can bring you more sales and change your situation is you, you just have to believe you can do it and work your ass off to get it.