Sometimes, to get over hurdles that we experience in life and in business, simply involves making the decision that you will no longer take any more of what “life is giving to you” and deciding to take or give what you want in life.

When approaching the growth of your Beat Store Business, it is important to understand and cultivate the power of DECISION.

This is the same power that moved you in the direction to launch your Beat Store Business when you may have had doubts about your level of production and how the market would react to it. Or you may have felt intimated by the Internet and technology.

However, you made the decision to get over that hurdle and all is well.

At this moment, you may be experiencing hurdles with the amount of beat sales you are generating.

Regardless if you have low or high volume sales, you are still desiring to sell more. We all want more and at times enjoy giving more.

SIDENOTE: Giving More = Getting More

Continuing, it is important to understand that it always first begins with a decision that you will generate more beat sales.

Then of course, and we’ve all heard this one: YOU MUST ACT.


These results, may be that you’ve producing more traffic to your Beats For Sale or simply more analtyics and metrics that you can readily observe and strategize around for the next ACT to get closer to your desire.

As you continue ACTING ON YOUR DECISION to generate more beat sales, what seems like a miracle, you begin to attract and generate the amount of beat sales that match your desire through that decision you made.

The key is to know what you want (DECISION) then ACT.

Now in terms of the actions, at this point, if you’ve really allowed yourself to deeply meditate and reach a state of harmonious comtemplation of what it would feel like to have more beat sales, your mind will begin to subconsciously think of ways to make it happen for you which will then influence your actions.

So today, decide that you will sell an extra 10 beats per week or month or whatever that equates to in dollars for you.

Decide that you want to have that “fill in the blank” after all of these years or months thinking about it and now begin to act on getting it through providing amazing value for your beat buyers.

To your success,

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