The Music Industry Is Dying Rapidly. Don’t Believe Me Look At Your Favorite Artists Record Sales Lately. Yeah I Know.

Anyway If You Are Set On Selling Beats To Major Artists and ONLY Major Artists. You Will Miss Out On Hella Money and You Could Still End Up Being A No Name Producer. So I’m Going To Give You My Ways To Expand Your Production Company Without Solely Relying On Rappers and/or Singers.


These Are Outlets Are Great For The Everyday Producer. If You Work Hard Enough Placing Beats In Films You Could End Up Like Pharrell and Score A Whole Film (Despicable Me).


If You Have Some Connects or You Can Grind Hard Looking For The Right Contacts To Submit This Is Also A Big Game That You Might Want To Look In. and If Im Correct You Can Make Royalties Off Beats Place In Commercials Also.

Pornos/Adult Films

DONT Look This Over. Porn Is A Big Industry. Go To A Porn Site (Im Sure You Have Your Personal Favorite) and Look At All The Videos That Are Out There. You Can’t Lose In This Industry. I’ve Got Beats Placed In A Couple Online Porn Trailers, and Currently Working On Getting Some More Place In A Local Pornstars Videos Also. So Once Again Don’t Sleep On This. As Much Porn Is Out There Im Sure You Can Get Your Beats In There!


As Of Right Now I’m Working To Get My Beats Played In The Background On Our Local Radio Station. A Friend Of Mine Works Up There and It Could Bring Major Promo. He Always Shouts Me Out On Stuff Like That, If You Have A Friend In Your Local Radio Station or Someone That Can Get The Beats To Someone Who Works In Radio This Can Be A Good Look For You Too.

Final Thought: Don’t Simply Try To Sell Beats To Rappers. You Will Miss Out On Too Much Money Doing That. Try These Other Plateaus Ive Given and You May Start To Get More Work and More Money Than You Expected!