One of the hardest parts about making beats (and selling them too) is promotion. Very often we can get caught up in the whole beat making game where every day is all about beats. For myself, I see beats posted daily on IllMuzik, some beatmakers send me their beats, and others post on social media, hoping to get some attention.
But that’s not necessarily promotion. I know we can all get wrapped up with making beats and perfecting our craft, but to really make a name for yourself and sell more beats, you have to promote.

Have A Decent Amount Of Beats
I’ve seen it many times where a beatmaker will make a couple of beats, post them in the Marketplace and then cross their fingers, hoping to get beat sales. It might happen, but it probably won’t. Probably the number one reason why is because you don’t have enough beats to showcase to potential buyers. I’ve always recommended you have a good amount, at least 12, for example. Some people might tell you to have 30 or more, but I always find that it just waters down your product, which could leave buyers bored.
Instead, for whatever amount of beats you have on your page, make sure they’re all equally dope. So instead of having 30 mediocre beats, you could have 15 really dope ones.
Learn About Business and Marketing
The business side of music is something that I’m not a big fan of because it takes time away from the lab, but it’s necessary. You could go to school to learn about business and marketing, but just searching online is enough for what you’re trying to accomplish.
For example, if you’re looking to promote your beats and your brand, you could easily just post links back to your website (if you have one, which you should). It could be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social medium that you’re on. Just that alone will help drive traffic to your website where people will see you, your beats, and your brand. Did you notice how I linked “IllMuzik” at the beginning of the article, to my website?
Of course, business and marketing is much more complex than that, but the point is that you can make it as complex as you wish, and tiny things like website links can help you.
Spend Money On Advertising
Even right here on myFlashStore, you can advertise your beats, but not just with your profile page or in the Marketplace. There is an advertising page where you can have your banner posted throughout the site, which will further drive traffic to you and your music.
There are tons of websites that you can advertise on, and even though some sites cater to music production, why not spend your hard earned money on there? It’s not just beatmakers, producers, and recording engineers browsing those sites, not at all. I know for a fact that a lot of record labels browse many music websites to see what’s going on. Wouldn’t that be awesome if someone from a label saw your ad and hit you up about your beats?
Get Your Name Out There
I’ve been over this before in various ways, but it’s something that I need to remind you of once in a while because it’s very important.
Most beatmakers think that by posting their beats online, they can call it a day and get back to the studio to make more beats. Wrong! I know that online is where it’s at when it comes to marketing, but offline and in REAL LIFE is where there is tons of stuff going on. Flyers, stickers, t-shirts, word of mouth, flash drives, and many more – are great ways of getting the word out that you, your music, and your brand EXIST!
Believe it or not, but there are plenty of people that don’t go online at all, or very little at that. Some people just go on casually at a coffee shop once a week, and I doubt they’re going to know who you are. It doesn’t necessarily mean that those are the type of people that you want to target with your music, but you get the idea. Take this quote that I just came up with:
“You’re not everywhere because you haven’t been everywhere.”
Think about that.
Now get to work!