Producers have been conditioned to create the same kind of beat website. You know, the one with the large top banner, the big logo, the music player with the leasing and exclusive rights details below it, some fire in the background, some red and black graphics, maybe a random MPC floating on the left hand side of the screen and maybe a few pics of some famous rappers above the logo.

For the most part, every artist has the same experience when browsing through beat sites. No one really stands out. But it’s not about the site, its about the beats! Right? Not really. The missing piece of collective marketing tactics in the world of beat marketing is: selling an experience.

What does it mean to sell an experience?

Selling an experience only works when you really know your market. What would the kind of artists who buy your beats like to experience? Can you mimic that experience online? A backpack rapper may relate to the college dorm room experience while a west coast artist may relate to a palm trees and beach experience. Our job has great producer marketers is to create an experience that helps you sell your beats. An experience makes you as producer standout from others, refines your brand and makes your website memorable.

This week, I decided to take my own advice and create an experience online that the kind of artists who buy my beats can relate to. It may seem silly but it’s worth a try – and it was definitely fun to create!


The expierence I created

So here’s what I came up with, I call it: “Beauty & The Beats – The Worlds First Strip Club For Beats.”

You can view it here: (WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT)


What kind of experience do you think you can create for artists? Be creative and have fun.