Episode 114 of the Free Game Producer Podcast features a round-table discussion with Focus… Mark Byrd & CJ Plays. We delve into the current state of the music industry and how producers, songwriters & artists can position themselves for success.

Topics discussed include:

  • The rise of producers and how they’re no longer invisible
  • The struggle of working with no promise of payment
  • Understanding your value as a producer or songwriter
  • How being independent is the only way to stop being undervalued
  • How streaming is killing musicians income
  • How not ‘breaking’ an artist has hurt Focus’s career
  • Working with Q-Tip & Dr. Dre on the Anderson Paak record ‘Cheers’
  • The importance of mixing for the music and not just for the industry
  • The importance of ‘pocket’, and how a track is rounded off by the drums & bass
  • Producing 3 tracks on Little Brother’s album
  • The importance of collaboration and working with the right people
  • Mark Byrd’s journey from having $7 in his pocket to making the best music of his life
  • Producing “Nina” on Rapsody’s album Eve
  • Byrd’s upcoming work with Dante Higgins & Matt B
  • The future for producers & songwriters in the music industry
  • How producers can position themselves in the current landscape

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