How To Attract Potential Buyers To Your Beat Page

When I first began making beats in the 90’s, my ultimate goal was to just get better at it. That’s it. I wanted to have my beats be just as good as anyone else’s, but as the years went by I started to realize that guess what? Money can be made from these beats!
It should always be your goal to just make music because you love it, but of course, being here on myFlashStore, your main goal is to sell beats. The problem for a lot of you is that you’re having a hard time getting potential buyers to go to your page, here’s how to do that.

Have A Social Media Presence
In today’s internet, social media is the way to go if you want to really get known. When I say that, I don’t necessarily mean your beats, but rather YOU. Getting people to listen to your beats is one thing, but it’s an entirely different thing to get them to notice who you are. I see it all the time on Twitter, where beatmakers will tell everyone how awesome their beats are and “here’s a link to check out my beats”, but that’s not what you’re supposed to aim for.
The first thing that you want to do is set yourself a schedule and post regularly. Remember, social media is not for you to goof around because this is a business and you are trying to sell your beats. You can be on a few different social websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, etc., but it’s always best to stick to one and work it really well.
For example, with your Facebook account, you can easily create a fan page where everyone can check you out. With Twitter, you have to create an entire account just for your beats persona. Remember – don’t confuse your personal social media account with the professional one. If your goal is to lure in buyers on Twitter, then make sure all your tweets are related to either you, your beats, or anything else related to the music industry.
I see it every day where someone posts both personal and business tweets on the same account, which is very unprofessional. If you post about how you just finished making a beat in the studio, then don’t follow that up with a post about how much you hate Kim Kardashian. The two are not related, and your followers won’t like it. Remember, they are following you for your music, not your personal opinion.
Have A Catchy Name
It’s perfectly fine to use your real name, but most beatmakers don’t. The reason why is that’s it’s just a name they have for their music career, but at the same time it’s catchy. Do you think it would be easier to remember something like “Starchild Beats” as opposed to “Bob Lenginhoppen”?
As I mentioned previously about having a good name and artwork as well, it’s what will attract a lot of people, where some could be potential buyers.
Think of it like this: when you walk into a store, they have merchandise on display and it looks good, with vibrant colors and a cool name. This is the same thing you are trying to accomplish, but with your name. Use something that looks good, especially with a certain font, but it has to also be easy to pronounce. The Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil movies is a great name because it’s easy to pronounce, and with the word “umbrella” it’s weird and unique for a corporation name, plus it’s easy to make a logo for. Use that same mindset when choosing a name.
Push and Promote The Best Beats You Have
One of the drawbacks of making beats daily (which you should be doing), is that after a while, some of your beats may not be your best. It’s normal, and not everyone can bang out hits day after day. When posting your beats on your myFlashStore page, you need to put up your best beats. You can post all your beats, but as long as they are all somewhat decent, otherwise it could turn potential buyers away.
But for the beats that you know are truly your best, those are the ones you need to promote the hell out of. Even the beats that are not as good need to be promoted of course, but your best ones should be the ones that really stand out and define your sound.
Be Professional At All Times
Nothing is more of a turnoff in business when you are dealing with someone that is not acting professional. After all of these years, I still can’t believe that a lot of beatmakers are just not acting mature enough through social media and emails. It’s not hard to do, and being professional will always win someone over, rather than someone that is not.
Instead of using words like “sup”, and “ya”, it should be “hello” and “yes”. I have seen more and more people acting professional, but there’s still plenty that do not.
The reason why I mention this is because when it comes time to deal with a big name artist, their manager, and their record label, acting professional will always hold more weight.
Promote, Promote, Promote!
Last but not least, is that you must promote your page. Give it everything you got and make sure that everyone on your radar knows about you, your music, and where to reach you.
Think about it: if you have a catchy name, great logo, and your music is top notch, then people will definitely visit your page.
Even if you are not getting a lot of visits, that’s still okay because at least you know that YOU are working hard at making it happen.
Always look at it like this: someone like Beyonce can release a silly video that looks like it was filmed on a phone, and within 24 hours it has over 4 million views. This is because of her image, popularity, and music. Aim for that.
By MisterFade | November 27th, 2014 | How To Attract Potential Buyers To Your Beat Page