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What’s going on music producers, it’s Curtiss King of airbit.com, here today to answer a question specifically from Cloud 9 Music, dealing with, how do you balance a 9-5 and music production career?  Let’s talk about it. 

Music producers, it’s a very tall task that you take on when you decide that you wanna become a full-time music producer. Now, obviously we all have to do that in steps, we can’t all just take the leap of faith. We all don’t have the blessing to do it, but if you do, you know, make sure that you understand the blessing that it is that you have to do that, and take a chance on it. Now, this venture is no different from any entrepreneurial venture that you see out there, you know the famous saying is that entrepreneurial-ship is literally jumping out of a plane and trying to build a parachute on the way down. You know, there’s no promises how successful you will be within this leasing business, but you know, the fact that you have the option to do it and take a chance, I think it’s well worth you taking a chance on your dreams and something you’re passionate about. Now, aside from that, Cloud 9 Music on Facebook, and I’m looking at the name now. Cloud 9 music actually asked a really great question specifically on how do you balance it if you still do have a 9-5, how do you balance that with a music production career?

The best advice that I can give you cloud 9 music is that when you are finished clocking out of your job, whatever hours that you do hopefully not working a graveyard shift. Whatever hours that you do clock out with, you have got to become stingy with your time. Your time is very limited, you know, the fact that you are going to work, the fact that you have to divide it between something that I’m assuming it was not part-time takes a lot of your time. You have to be very selective about your time outside of work. You know, when you decide that you wanna take this on and hopefully make it a full time gig, there is no more free time. You know, and I’m not saying that to be obsessive or that you gotta be a maniac when you’re doing this, but you gotta be a little bit unreasonable because you’re living a lifestyle that is not a very common lifestyle amongst creatives.

So, when you decide that you wanna do this full time, you gotta understand that comes with an entire mind set shift that occurs when you make the decision that when I come home, you know, if you work from 9-5 like most people do around the world. When you get off of work and it’s 5:30/6:00 and you already ate something, the decision between whether or not you watch your favorite sports team, your favorite TV show, you know, whether you sit on social media for the next few hours, that decision is yours and that decision will ultimately determine how successful you will be, away from your particular 9-5. Now, something that, in hind sight, when I had a 9-5, you know cause I don’t ever want you to think of, and I think a lot of producers have that mindset, that a 9-5 is you know, the enemy. And it’s not the enemy, you know, a lot of people kind of preach that sort of information, I don’t believe in that, I believe that your 9-5 is your angel investor, it’s a matter of you looking at it like your angel investor. Your 9-5 buys you more time, so that you’re able to take care of your responsibilities without stressing and that you actually have a home or have equipment that you can upgrade with.

If you start treating your job like an angel investor, you’ll use the time that you have away from your work a little bit more productively. You won’t look at it like, oh my God, all the time is clicking down, I gotta work on as much as I can before I go back to work. You’ll look at it as, I don’t spend all of my hours at work just for the money. This money gives me opportunity, which in turn, I can now invest back into my ultimate dream. And that’s something else to is that you know, take money that you get from your job at least 10%, get used to living off of 90% of your income. Take 10% of it and put it into account. An account that can be your dream account. This is something to where I would even consider this, an account that you save money in and if you get a little money, say you get a bonus or you get some kind of you know, money from somewhere else that you weren’t expecting. Your tax money, put it all into this account, this account represents your freedom account. This account is going to be one day the money that you have to live off of for 4 to 5 months, while you try to figure this business out when you finally do take that leap of faith and I do suggest that you try to save at least about 4 or 5 months’ worth of your salary from work so that you, you know, you can do this full time.

Now, for those of you that are like okay, I’m a little bit far away from that Curtiss, what do I do right now to balance it? Let me tell you what you do right now to balance it, you pick days for specific tasks, okay? Something that’s very important is that, instead of just making a bunch of to do list when you’re at work, you need to have sort of a system when you’re identifying what you need to get done. Maybe you say, this week, and I talked about this on videos before, maybe this week you say I’m going to make one dark trap beat, one happy trap beat and some odd ball beat that takes me out of my comfort zone, just for growth. Just because you never know what beat will take off and start selling. When you designate a day for those beats, you feel like you’re going in with a very specific plan and you’re not wasting your time and I think that’s what most of us worry about. That’s why we use words like balance, because we’re so worried about giving out energy to the appropriate places so that we can take care of our responsibilities, but at the same time, not neglect our dreams. So, the balance really is a psychological thing that has to do with you feeling like you’re not giving your energy to the proper place or that one place is taking your energy.

Here’s the thing about it. You got an abundance of energy, and you gotta start thinking that you have an abundance of energy because that abundance is going to create a domino effect and set everything that you put your hands to. When you’re sitting down there making beats, you don’t say I don’t have enough sounds, you say I got more sounds than I don’t even know what to do with. And I’m grateful for what I do have because I can literally make any style within Hip-Hop or whatever you work on. I can make that because I have more than enough sounds to do that with. But it’s really a mindset shift and I’m gonna tell you, you’re gonna forever be balancing a 9-5 and your dreams until you have this mindset shift that says, you know, this job is a means so that I can even try or attempt to have a career in this. And maybe that’s not what you wanna do, maybe you love the security of a job, nobody should make you feel guilty about that, what you gotta do, is you gotta designate that free time. That free time is no longer free time, might as well just strike that from your vocabulary. It’s no longer free time, that is time that you know, most people who work your job, probably would use that time to  go to a bar and drink with their friends or whatnot or use that time to go you know, kick it with their friends and

I’m not saying don’t kick it with your friends. But I’m saying, if you wanna live an extraordinary life one day, you’re gonna have to make extraordinary sacrifices along the way. Sometimes that involves, most times it involves sacrificing your 20s, especially in your earlier, early years, but in your 20s and your 30s, that’s the prime time years that you’re gonna be making a lot of sacrifices with maybe you can’t go out every night, maybe you can’t go to the club, maybe you can’t you know, go to every event that’s around you because you know what, you gotta hone in on the time that you do have and take full advantage of it. But plan your time out, be specific about the reuslts that you want, understand why you want them and then also from there you know, just start figuring out doable list. Don’t make 15, 20 different things you wanna do in a week, make them list that you can actually accomplish, because that sense of accomplishment will help you build momentum, which in turn after building momentum, you’ll start to have a sense of confidence and then you’ll go to work with this extra boost of energy knowing that you’re gonna take care of the responsibilities of your dream, but also to your obligations to take care of your overall responsibilities as you know, head of your household or just head of yourself.

So, you know, it’s very important that instead of just trying to look for balance, understanding what the need for balance comes from and the root of balance, it is literally you know, some of it is actually fear, most of it is actually a concern that you’re giving your energy to the right locations. 

Once again, this is Curtiss King of airbit.com

So, those are my thoughts on this particular topic at hand. Do you have better ways to balance a 9-5? Please leave that in the comment below. Help our friend Cloud 9 Music out and help him along his way. Maybe you’ve done something that’s a system that works for you, well share that in the comments and we certainly, certainly, certainly, encourage engagement. Jump in the comments, let’s talk about it. 

Once again, this is Curtiss King of airbit.com

Have a good one. 

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